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Gaz Matic 6 months
He is right. All that talk about repeal and replace and soon as they had the chance McCain fucked it up because he didn’t like trump

U WOT M8 6 months
Jason Lewis refused to meet constituents and was lazy when campaigning. He is self entitled and therefore lost. A less obnoxious Republican would have won.

Dakota Pickett 6 months
When you lose, blame someone else. Preferably people who cant retort-Republican Proverb

Michael Hedderson 6 months
This muppet is having a huge laugh. Blame it AAAALLL on a recently deceased Republican. How convenient. And how classy. No mention whatsoever of the current King muppet in the White House. Other Repubs in other states managed to survive last week too, which may also suggest this Muppet helped to cost himself the seat.

Illini Legatus 6 months
That and mass voter fraud