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Watheverable GRAMPS 4 months
"Let us keep finding boxes of uncounted votes that'll tip the election, without oversight please" - Democrats
Jonny 4 months
"I am afraid of a legal election." -republicans
Watheverable GRAMPS 4 months
@Jonathon (((legal)))

Illini Legatus 4 months
That's a conspiracy theory. That gentle nazi collaborator never involves himself in such things.

Graham Meek 4 months
party of the KKK doing what it does best;cheat.

Lover 4 months
The more we call this fraud out the less Democrats will get away with it.
Reddawn Dawn 4 months
too true that.
Jonny 4 months
the only political party that wants fair elections are dems, rethuglikkkans know the more people who vote legally, and easily, the worst chance they have of winning

candy murdock 4 months
Of course

resolute germ 4 months
Rick Scott did win the election that's why they're recounting, so they can add votes to Nelson

Claire Cerling 4 months
This title is misleading and inaccurate.
MacrossMX 4 months
Considering that the title comes from a breitbart article, I am not surprised. Not even other right-wing groups would jump the gun this quickly and said Soros paid for this recount. I wonder how the Rick Scott supporters would respond if the scenario is flipped around and it was Bill Nelson suing the election committee for the recounts? I’m sure Polio Mitch will appear on national television and call Bill Nelson a sore loser for not going through with the recount.
Jake Middleton 4 months
How so Claire?

Michael Hedderson 4 months
He's rallying the base, learning from the Trumpet. And, judging by so many of the comments on here the last few days, it's quite an effective rallying cry.

Illini Legatus 4 months
Ah Broward county, the nucleus of coruption.

Seed 4 months
So is Rick Scott asking for a recount for votes for his Senate run? Or other elections? All of them?