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FraktalFace 4 months
this is such bs.

Will Nevertell 4 months
better check for dead people voting
Clinton Cota 4 months
Lol. Some people will believe any conspiracy theory.
1968 Mustang 4 months
Actually, it isn't a "conspiracy theory." There has been documented cases where people who were deceased at the time of a election "voted".
Michael Hedderson 4 months
It's Conspiracy Theory Volume 47, Chapter 16. Check it out!

Vincent Kozic 4 months
Republicans accusing Democrats of cheating is like having a klepto friend accuse you of shoplifting. Holy gerrymandering, Batman! There can only be so many cases of moving and closing voting locations, purging of voter rolls, and exact match requirements before you can no longer ignore the fact that voter suppression is a bigger issue than voter fraud right now.
M.Twain 4 months
Case in point the King of voter fraud Kobach of Kansas was given special powers as Secretary of State, he found zero illegal aliens voting and only a couple of cases of old Republicans voting twice. Thankfully in Missouri, we based an amendment that takes the drawing up of maps out of the politician's hands. The Republicans screamed like stuck pigs.

Gaz Matic 4 months
They’ve now said she won and McSally conceded.

DashMLGNO 4 months
they keep count till democrats have the for sure win

Timothy Wells 4 months
it's how they won is the problem. not that they won.
Clinton Cota 4 months
And how did she win? Other than get more votes than her opponent, of course.
Ricco 4 months
In the mind of a republican there is always a problem when a Democrat wins.
Michael Hedderson 4 months
There is these days. The days of all sides conceding gracefully have become events in themselves.

Illini Legatus 4 months
More of that voter fraud that doesn't exist.

Graham Meek 4 months
The party of the KKK doing what it does best; Cheat. more votes than voters that is Democrat counting.

Remys Bayou 4 months
figures let Democrats cheat their way into office.
Clinton Cota 4 months
Lol. You misspelled Republicans. They commit actual election fraud.
Janitor Jez Apple 4 months
Absolutely! Damn figures! Trump should build a fence around figures. And facts. Those tricky truckers! Trump should build a fence around them too.

Jason J Mitchell 4 months
Clinton Cota 4 months
See there's these things called "votes". In an election, if you get more of these vote thingies than your opponent, you win. That's how elections work. 😊
Jason J Mitchell 4 months
I am fully cognizant of this. I'm wondering how an informed intelligent electorate could possibly vote for her.
Illini Legatus 4 months
California money and mass voter fraud.

Vincent Kozic 4 months
Fraud!! Voter faud!! The democrat won, it must have been fraud!
Clinton Cota 4 months
Lol! Funny
SimonR 4 months
I've just found another thousand votes! Nothing to see here!
Jake Middleton 4 months
Simon, with a 2000:1 ratio for Sinema, what a coincidence!

william snedker 4 months
The mid terms were a week ago how is it still going?
pennydreadful 4 months
takes time to count the votes, and postal votes from abroad (like the military) can come in late, which is only a problem in tight races
Illini Legatus 4 months
Takes time to destroy ballots and produce new ones.
Janitor Jez Apple 4 months
It takes time to recover the ballots ferreted away in the dark of night. Shady dealings abound! 😱

Jason J Mitchell 4 months