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cara watkins 4 months
Please fix the headline. One cannot "suppose" a threat.
Fareem ADMIN 4 months
Thanks Cara for pointing that out. Edited it. You can edit it at your end too by just clicking the Edit (Pencil) button below the story, making the edits (title, summary, links, etc.) and submit it for approval. Thanks anyways
cara watkins 4 months
I will do that in the future. Thank you.

Illini Legatus 4 months
They were hiding behind the media's hypocrisy.

Havoc44 4 months
well boys, get out your commie beating sticks looks like for us to go to war... again

Johannes H Laxdal 4 months
rocket man had his chance, it's time to make a new parking lot north of South Korea.

M.Twain 4 months
So much for the great deal maker and his Bromance.
Irish Dave 4 months
yeah because when you're diplomatic no one ever lies.
M.Twain 4 months
You might want to edit that into something that resembles proper English, I suggest you use Grammarly.
Irish Dave 4 months
no it's what I meant. Trump was diplomatic, he tried to resolve it that way rather then with war, Un lied and said he'd remove all the silos and play ball. He didn't. Trump did the right thing, he could have gone in, flexed the military muscles and gotten the same "fuck you" everyone else gets. instead he played nice, which is odd for him, and complimented Un trying to appeal to his ego. obviously it didn't work, because Un is deceptive. it was worth a shot to go in and be nice and maybe get on his good side. now you may not have gotten that from what I wrote before, but if you read it again, with this post in context it might make more sense to you.

AusMan 4 months
The missile bases they are maintaining are for short range scud-equivalents. They aren’t nuclear capable missiles.