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Cambodia condemns Vice for images that added smiles to Khmer Rouge victims

Cambodia condemns Vice for images that added smiles to Khmer Rouge victims

Cambodia called on US media group Vice to withdraw an article that featured newly-colourized photos of victims of the Khmer Rouge. Some of the images had been allegedly altered to add smiles. The article has since been taken down from the website. The artist Matt Loughrey said his project to colourize images from Tuol Sleng aimed to humanize the 14,000 Cambodians executed by the group.

Morbo 4 weeks

Not enough to claim "Communism just hasn't been properly tried yet" gotta rewrite history to cover up the uncomfortable fact of its 100% failure rate.

TheOtherBiden 4 weeks

Remember when Vice used to be good? When they would do real, on the ground journalism in some of the most horrifically dangerous parts of the world? Vice used to be so punk rock man, they started out great. Then they became corporate media. To be fair they do still do great on-the-ground journalism in warzones and fallen states. But politically they are just like fox news, cnn, newsmax or NYT. Corporate media who do whatever they need to do to get the most clicks. No wonder they're crashing and burning. Let's all have a salute to the incredible media agency that Vice was 6 years ago. That company is gone, replaced by a woke statist agenda.

Auster Maeson
Auster Maeson 4 weeks

This is your American media in 2021.. we defend these hacks when their on our team which emboldens them to continue the same wretched behavior and this is the result. Journalism is a bar joke, right next to ambulance chasing lawyer jokes.

Matt Hardy
Matt Hardy 4 weeks

Vice is a socialist loving fake news outlet. The love them some Pol Pot.

Marty 4 weeks

Good one Vice 🥴

Damian 4 weeks

Maybe just some AI upscaling gone wrong.

RichieRamirez 4 weeks

Hahahaha those social justice warriors are funny

Patty 4 weeks

THAT was just stupid.

Faittastic 4 weeks

Vice Rolled The Dice And Payed The Price

alex_ 4 weeks

vice moment

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