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Officer who pepper-sprayed a Black army medic is fired, officials say

Officer who pepper-sprayed a Black army medic is fired, officials say

A Virginia town announced late Sunday that one of the two officers accused of pepper-spraying a Black Army officer during a traffic stop has been fired. The town of Windsor announced the statement hours after the Virginia governor announced an investigation into the December 2020 incident. Meanwhile, the army medic, Lt. Caron Nazario, has filed a lawsuit seeking $1 million in damages.

MIDESSA 4 weeks

There you go cops think they are God when they put on a badge and 10ft tall when they got a gun. That arrogant pos that stood there spraying that guy simply for not following his orders while being stopped for no tag that was clearly in the window. I think sue for 10mil settle for 1.

Hunter 4 weeks

*What happens during video and after reading story* Officers left their vehicles WEAPONS DRAWN for a TRAFFIC STOP. The active duty army veteran had driven for one mile to a well lit gas station instead of pulling over immediately on dark roads. With their weapons drawn, the two police officers begin screaming angrily for the veteran to get out of his car, without approaching his vehicle to tell him what he’s being pulled over for. The veteran does not leave his car and instead has his hands out the window and begins trying to ask why he’s being pulled over and why their weapons are drawn. He asks what is going on, to which one of the officers says “your about to ride the thunder, that’s what’s going on”. (That being a death threat. Term was used back in the day to reference the ELECTRIC CHAIR). The same officer that made that threat to the veteran, proceeds to try and force the veteran out of his car, and eventually proceeds to pepper spray him. He then says “you made this harder by not complying”, trying to blame the veteran instead of taking any responsibility for his own actions, such as beginning a traffic stop with his gun drawn. The reason for the stop was because the officers didn’t see the paper plates on the newly purchased vehicle. By the time the veterans car had pulled over at the gas station, they admitted to seeing the plates, but still proceeding with the traffic stop and treating it as “high risk”.

Diddy 4 weeks

Sadly all this teaches is that if you disobey an officer's lawful commands you could net a ton of money. What a crock

Dom 4 weeks

The pepper spraying cop at the end literally tries to blackmail the vet by saying “if you just wanna chill and let this go and no charges filed we’ll take the handcuffs off we’ll get you a bottle of water to drink and sit here till you feel comfortable to drive...” Is that not illegal Blackmail starts at 2:30

Eric 4 weeks

HLN had a good video of all this on the news this morning. I have to say, that big cop, not just physically, but big bold mouth, really aggravated the whole stop. I believe the other cop was slowly trying to muster some control and dialogue. The big guy was a douche and I can see how any average citizen would feel threatened and confused a bit. The driver also could have handled it better as well. I do hope the driver is successful in his lawsuit. He was clearly violated in my opinion.

Jon 4 weeks

The cops are racist white supremacist thugs with immunity. The violent police state in this country needs radical reform NOW.

Nicholas 4 weeks

Why does his race matter here? The cop pepper sprayed an active Officer in the armed forces.

Tyler 4 weeks

Good. I watched the video on Police Activity, it was a despicable, horrendous display from the ex-officer. There should be charges pressed for assault. Terrible, and shameful display.

Rihards 4 weeks

Good. No need for power hungry and dont protect and dont serve cops to be in the force. They are supposed to risk their lives for the better good, not act like Clint Eastwood every day. Yes, risk their lives, otherwise they are just government thugs.

Tony 4 weeks

He probably already has another job. His poloce powers need to be removed? So he cannot work in law enforcement again.

steve 4 weeks

He set his number too low. This happens all the time. The only way to get anyones attention is to make people pay. Unfortunately the officer will be shielded from paying.

Ned_Flanders 4 weeks

Man is humilaited. 🌶 Pepper sprayed. Crying on the ground about how he is treated after serving his country, then asked VERY NICELY that the police open the car door so that his dog can breathe. 🐶

Joe Joyce
Joe Joyce 4 weeks

I hope he wins the case and gets more than a mil

MrLoseddos 4 weeks

Actions aside. 1 million? Really?

PappaOwl 4 weeks

Saw the video it seemed as though communication was a problem

K. 4 weeks

I saw the video and he deserves the money.

Dave 4 weeks

Black Army? Is that like the Black Watch in Scotland?

That 4 weeks

The cop should go to prison for assault and abuse of power

Sir Dragon
Sir Dragon 4 weeks

A Million in damages, did the guy go blind ?

Scott Hallinan
Scott Hallinan 4 weeks

Saw the video. These rac1sts are ssscccrrreeewwweeeddd!

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