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Biden to host bipartisan group of lawmakers for infrastructure meeting

Biden to host bipartisan group of lawmakers for infrastructure meeting

President Joe Biden is scheduled to meet with a group of lawmakers from both parties as he begins his push to get Capitol Hill on board with his infrastructure proposal. The guest list is made up of lawmakers from both sides who have a history of working on infrastructure and sit on the committees that will shape the proposal as it moves through Congress.

Bart 4 weeks

Bipartisan group of lawmakers, conservatives not invited. Just like he was calling for "Union" where you either conform or they call you a white nationalist and all the -ism's under the sun.

C 4 weeks

Another fake partisan story written by the Democratic propaganda machine l CNN. There is nothing bipartisan about this, it is completely holistically partisan. The perfect example of this fake headline is the other links that have nothing to do with this story because only CNN would post propaganda with such a fake misleading headline

Burger 4 weeks

Waste of time. Republicans will request something ridiculously low, with a bunch of tax giveaways to the rich, that will have no useful impact, then still not vote for it. No matter what the democrats do, the republicans will still throw a tantrum and claim they were not included.

Don pan
Don pan 4 weeks

The only way this infrastructure build is going to be successful if there’s a way to hold companies accountable and not have them keep the money n run away.

Beijing Biden
Beijing Biden 4 weeks

AKA green new deal Trojan horse and giving other countries our money.

Jon 4 weeks

Pointless. Republicans refuse to work for Americans. F your unity.

Morbo 4 weeks

By bi partisan the Guardian means the US Communist party.

Central Scrutinizer
Central Scrutinizer 4 weeks

RINOs only

Aaron 4 weeks

Not bipartisan when both have a fond view of the LEFT.

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