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KCooper 5 months
We could maybe have some empathy here. Instead of judging people on having kids and the resultant suffering, just take a step back and see what war can do to a country. A war which many within the US government have been critical of. (
FraktalFace 5 months
you mean the war they did to themselves?
Warden 5 months
the article you sent isn't active.
Corey Chosy 5 months
thanks for not being a cunt that has no love for your fellow man (looking at you fractal face). I'm happy your comment is at the top.

Michael Hedderson 5 months
Trump could force KSA to stop this bullshit tomorrow. The end. But he's just given MbS the green light to do whatever the fuck he likes. You think things will get better for Yemenis?
Illini Legatus 5 months
So you think history began with orange man bad? How about NATO? How about the Atlantic Council? Henry Kissinger's diplomacy of pragmatism? The EU still selling the Saudis weapons? Only Germany and Norway stopped. This war and many like it have been going on since the end of world War 2 and now everybody cares because of Kashogi and orange man bad? Please.
FraktalFace 5 months
who gives a shit?
theLifeOf 5 months
Obama could have stopped this from even starting to happen. As could have Bush. But, you know, orange man bad

Seed 5 months
There's a cholera issue in Yemen as well due to damaged water infrastructure
pennydreadful 5 months
Hard to repair infrastructure when it's being bombed....
Corey Chosy 5 months
Pennydreadful let me finish that for you " American backed forces"