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CA podcaster ’shaken’ after police visit him for ’lightly’ criticizing AOC

CA podcaster ’shaken’ after police visit him for ’lightly’ criticizing AOC

Ryan Wentz, a left-wing podcaster said he was ’shaken’ after two police officers came to his California apartment last week and accused him of threatening Rep Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez on Twitter. Wentz said the cops in plainclothes came to his door after he posted a video of some vague remarks made by Ocasio-Cortez on Israel and Palestine and ’lightly’ criticized her as ’incredibly underwhelming.’

Angé d'Saint-Cloud
Angé d'Saint-Cloud 0 months

This is the "progressive" future. Criticism becomes threats, secret police, passports to move within the country and unaccountable leadership all signs of socialism/communism. These people dont have anyone's interests in mind accept for their own. Capitalism isnt the problem. Weak leadership, corporation's ownership of politicians (corporatism) and the ridiculous wealth disparity is. Since the pandemic began the largest multinational corporations have sought to destroy small businesses and suck the working & middle classes of what little money they have. This is the "Great Reset." In there own words, "you will own nothing, have no privacy and you will be happier" or atleast you will be forced to say that you are. The dystopic future is here and you can either fight it or be crushed and enslaved.

Michael R
Michael R 0 months

Headline should be "Simp cops white knight AOC needlessly"

eddy yetty
eddy yetty 0 months

Getting close now

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