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Glen 4 weeks

Resisting arrest seems to be a national pastime for criminals. Criminals seem to have more power then law enforcement now days.

Sigfried 4 weeks

Defense witness prediction: no backfire for the prosecution.

Got Truth
Got Truth 4 weeks

Floyd not a threat to police?!! Go ahead and propagate that message and good luck finding good people wanting to do police work. I guess anarchy is their goal.

Robert_Clearwater 4 weeks

Police training indicates that an unconscious person has the potential to regain consciousness and become very hostile. The crowd was unruly and chaotic, preventing proper care from being administered. Floyd ate a bunch of drugs before the police arrived so as to avoid being charged with possession. Get ready for a not guilty verdict.

Chayanne 4 weeks

There’s a lot of racist people on this app. Shows in these comments.

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