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New Zealand introduces climate change law for financial firms

New Zealand introduces climate change law for financial firms

New Zealand introduced a law that will require banks, insurers and investment managers to report the impacts of climate change on their business. The law governs banks, insurers with total assets / assets under management of more than NZ$1 billion, and all equity and debt issuers listed on the stock exchange. Disclosures will be required for financial years beginning next year.

Noah PaulOG
Noah PaulOG 4 weeks

Step 1: Get loan issuers and insurers to claim as much impact of Climate Change as they can Step 2: Use claims to pass legislation forcing producers to adjust carbon output or face penalties Step 3: Companies need loans and insurance for new equipment and modifications to meet demands of new legislation

Young Conservative
Young Conservative 4 weeks

This is why I oppose the canzuk movement, I support a special relationship between Australia and Britain, but New Zealand and Canada can off

Lord Flashheart
Lord Flashheart 4 weeks

This does nothing. The cost will just be passed onto the everyday people. NZ is already a bloody expensive place to live.

Ellen 4 weeks

Meantime China is opening one new coal fired power station every week which the Kiwi idiot politicians ignore because they don’t want to offend the CCP. There are 4 million Kiwis. Less than an average city in China. The NZ rules will make not a jot of difference. NZ, like some posters here are just Virtue Signaling and don’t live in the real world.

NeilT 4 weeks

Virtue signal received.

Hunter 4 weeks

Our world and human life > profits.

Simon 4 weeks

Amazing leader.

Tom 4 weeks

There is no climate change climate as in whether are cyclical

harsh kumar
harsh kumar 4 weeks

Well done. Keep it up.

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