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Rashida Tlaib calls for ’no more policing, incarceration, and militarization’

Rashida Tlaib calls for ’no more policing, incarceration, and militarization’

In a tweet Monday, Rep. Rashida Tlaib called for ’no more policing, incarceration, and militarization’ following the killing of Duante Wright, a 20-year-old black man in Minnesota, by a police officer. ’Policing in our country is inherently & intentionally racist. Duante Wright was met with aggression & violence. I am done with those who condone government funded murder,’ wrote Tlaib.

george 3 weeks

Start by removing the fence that you said doesn't work and the capital police from DC. Let's go from there.

Slevin Kelevra
Slevin Kelevra 3 weeks

Cool! Hey, everybody! Free sh-t at Rashida's house! Help yourself, she's cool with it and won't press charges.

mason 3 weeks

Rep Tailb must not visit Detroit in her own state. Last year when Minneapolis said this, all elected officials in the city spent hundreds of thousands of tax payer money in private armed security.

OffsideJRZ2 3 weeks

I don’t know if I’m more bothered by the recent idolizing of criminals or by politicians playing these events for their own agendas. And like y’all said, when they are in dangers they sure do hire armed security. So let’s take away security from the people, and keep it for our own: says the politician -.-‘

Omega 3 weeks

Total absurdity / hyperbole from Tlaib. I am Soooo tired of it from citizens and politicians alike.

jon 3 weeks

I call for no more Rashida Talibans in Congress. Seems like a much more effective way of minimizing racism and "militarization" in American society.

Nathaniel 3 weeks

I love how people really believe police are inherently racist, if police were inherently racist, and our nation was inherently racist don’t you think these groups and protest would be treated with an iron fist? I’m just saying if i a ruled a nation and everyone in power agreed that a certain race was inferior it would basically be gulags for all of them.

Alex 3 weeks

Putting the whole argument of whether the police are bad aside for a moment, if the public is going to give up all security and state authority, then the federal military has to be restricted as well. I'm no fan of the federal government using the national guard to pick up the slack when things inevitably go sour. On top of that, all elected officials must give up private security. If the citizens must fend for themseleves in the name of social justice, so should they.

Hunter 3 weeks

To blanket label everyone in the police as racist is wrong and further drives division. That doesn’t mean there’s not racist cops, but I believe the real problem lies in lack of training for difficult real world situations, and the drug war.

Eliot 3 weeks

I'm saying this from a police officers perspective in Texas. There are bad cops no doubt. This shooting was stupid. Apparently they don't teach you the difference between a gun and a taser in minneapolis. You use a completely different hand for each and there is no excuse for this officer to have "accidentally" shot someone. However, ask denver how getting rid of the police worked for just a couple city blocks. You don't want police, alright have fun with that. The cops will go work for another department and leave your city trying to hire cops from naighboing cities because crime is at an all time high. This is what happens when you elect politicians with the iq of a snail.

Que Pasta
Que Pasta 3 weeks

So the why are some of these defund the police places realizing that they f'd up and hiring more police?

Neil 3 weeks

It would be lovely if we could simply designate an "anarchy zone" for this çµnt and get constituents.. Don't want police? Here, have fun in a place with literally no rules.. I would truly enjoy watching her attempt to survive and inevitable die violently in seconds ❤️

Nickel 3 weeks

If you stop all police activity for one month there would be so much rioting and looting since nobody would stop them stuff police should all stay home for one month and you guys would be begging them on your knees to come back to work

rya 3 weeks

we just need to filter out the power hungry racist cops and make police training longer and more about not abusing power. basically we need to reform the police somehow but removing them and removing incarceration is actually retarded. and it’s sad some people will agree

Mike 3 weeks

No more Capitol police, no secret service, no armed security because guns should be illegal. There you go Ms. Congress Lady. Feel safer now?!

tabachoy 50
tabachoy 50 3 weeks

Make it the Wild West at this point. Ban Policing everywhere so people realize that they don’t need police at all🤡🤡

m 3 weeks

She wants to start the purge so we can see how that goes in America. I thought democrats did not like violence but sounds like she will enjoy it. She is so sad.

Rafiel 3 weeks

They rally against the police but then call 911 when a minority breaks into their home. Poor people commit crimes. Want to change this? STOP BLAMING THE POLICE! Instead find a way to uplift those neighborhoods.

Robert 3 weeks

Hmm, if expecting blacks to follow laws or be put in prison(like the rest of us) is racist, what does that say about blacks? Either she is saying they are too dumb to follow the law, or too uncivilized. Both are the chief complaints of all racists about blacks(dumb animals incapable of being civilized). And yet the left loves to point the finger at the right for being racist, when all they expect blacks to behave like every other civilized human being. In other news we have blacks complaining about having to bring their own water and ID to vote, rules that are the same for all. They call that voter suppression, implying that blacks are too poor to afford a 10 dollar state ID(free in prison) and also incapable of carrying a water bottle. They also seem incapable of reading, saying that these laws are Jim crow Era voter suppression. I think their own grandparents would smack them for that fallacy. On the one hand, I think racism is wrong. On the other I have everyone on the left to include the minorities themselves saying that they are incapable of the smallest societal requirements. Who is right here? If it is true that they are incapable of following simple rules should they be able to vote at all? Were we right all those years ago? It certainly seems that way.

Tobias Quinn
Tobias Quinn 3 weeks

If you defund police, you get bad policing. If you get rid of police, then a vacuum for armed response to violence opens up. The last thing we need is to get rid of police. We will become just like the countries that people like Omar and some others have came from if we get rid of all mediation between the people and their states.

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