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Expert says Chauvin was justified in pinning down George Floyd

Expert says Chauvin was justified in pinning down George Floyd

A use-of-force expert testified for the defense on Tuesday, saying that Derek Chauvin was justified in pinning George Floyd to the ground because he kept struggling. Barry Brodd, a former Santa Rosa, California officer, said ’put yourself in the officer’s shoes to try to make an evaluation through what they’re feeling, what they’re sensing, the fear they have,’ about Chauvin’s actions.

Dan 4 weeks

Was there a point on the time continuum of his knee on Floyd when his action went from justified to unjustified?

Dave 4 weeks

Use of force expert, is he a master on the Jedi Council?

Patty 4 weeks


Scott Hallinan
Scott Hallinan 4 weeks

Yeah be really afraid of the guy you have prone wheezing and calling for his mommy. Oh and this so called experts "theory" has been debunked by every major science and psychological institute.

Jack 4 weeks

An arbiter/expert on force? lmao

Omega 4 weeks

I have seen cops hogtie individuals - strap their feet together and connect thir feet via a short strap to their hands. I am surprised they didn't do that with George Floyd, then he would have been helpless and they wouldn't have felt the need to hold him down that long, and perhaps he wouldn't have died. But maybe they didn't have the equipment, or it would have taken longer to hog tie him, or it may be against their police agency policy.

Khenede 4 weeks

YOU DONT GET THE HONOR OF RISKING YOUR LIFE TO PROTECT AND SERVE WITHOUT RISKINF YOUR LIFE TO PROTECT AND SERVE. That glory is EARNED because your RISKING YOUR LIFE in order to PROTECT ANOTHERS. Maybe if we didn’t hire white supremist, obese, insecure, emasculated boys in adult bodies then we wouldn’t have to explain why they aren’t justified in killing someone who isn’t an immediate threat.

James 4 weeks

As an aside to the trial, I still wonder why the alleged fake $20 bill has never been produced in evidence.

VI Trotsky
VI Trotsky 4 weeks

I wonder how scared you can be when it’s 4 vs 1. Are all cops cowards or the only people who can be brave in these situations just normal citizens that say “good people with guns”.

Gabriella 4 weeks

Perhaps someone should pin this so called “expert” to the ground for 9 minutes, then ask his expert opinion about it. Idiot.

Cole. 4 weeks

Its not looking good for the state

The Oracle8191
The Oracle8191 4 weeks

"BREAKING: Medical expert testifies George Floyd died from sudden cardiac arrhythmia brought on by heart disease and drugs during restraint by police."

Doug Star
Doug Star 4 weeks

chauPIG is gonna be prison puzzzzzy

g. 4 weeks

I watched his testimony, During cross examination I believe he got destroyed.

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