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Sola Powered 6 months
Methinks the criticism from neighbors isn't for supporting terror, but for not hiding the support of terror.

Oliver Biscuit 6 months
Now if we could get more countries to do so, we'd all be better off

Avi Khait 6 months
Isn't there the largest US AF base in the ME still in Qatar? Some strategery...

Rakly3 6 months
Another country for the U.S. to invade!

Opher Simani 6 months
I guess it's time for America to invade to take down this oppressive regime

Parker 6 months
Good news. They're gulf bully neighbors will be forced to compete with their high production.

Armando Martinez 6 months
Good, break up the trusts and the monopolies. The more competition in the oil market, the better.

Brandon Miles 6 months
Qatar may well be a supporter of terrorism, but the only reason the US decided to label them is because Qatar made the big bad Saudis mad, and the US can NOT have their best friends getting mad.
Parker 6 months
Almost every major power and gulf state is a sponsor of terror.
Daddy Tito 6 months
What the hell is with this Saudi Arabia conspiracy theory? We don’t stop trade with China even though they have 2 million uyghurs in concentration camps or Pakistan where they still have millions of slaves, not that you’d care cause you can’t use it to trump bash.

Experiment Eks 6 months
Qatar should withdraw itself from the rest of the world.
U WOT M8 6 months
The Arab Middle Eastern countries are basically Gilead from the handmaid’s tale, yet the left who love using that show to bash the right still love Islam.

SimonR 6 months
U WOT M8 6 months
OPEC or Qatar or both?
Sullivas 6 months