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M Y T MOD 5 months
Won’t this end up driving up Uber prices, thereby limiting its utility in NYC (since at similar prices, Uber may not be that competitive with taxis) and defeat the purpose of Ubers there? Plus that might lessen the demand for Uber, which hurts people just trying to make a little bit of extra cash.
Brady 5 months
Uber as an idea is excellent but in practice it's a monopolistic behemoth that has no competition and really does need to be taken down a peg. taxis are nowhere near competition to it and a price hike won't matter. even this is just a speed bump for Uber since driverless cars will make the employees irrelevant.
Oliver Biscuit 5 months
Uber/Lyft has flooded the market and keeps adding more cars hastening the race to the bottom. As a result, you'll see people showing up in cars unfit for the road, drivers that are wore out because they've foolishly thought they could make a living and have to work longer hours to make ends meet and safety for driver and customer is not an issue for uber. The only people that benefit is Uber management. Everyone else gets shafted.
SimonR 5 months
Uber is a platform, the competition is between drivers. All this "drivers are employees" crap is destroying the business. A driver who logs on and transports no people should earn no money.

Nika D 5 months
NYC is a mafia state.

Frost 509 5 months
Welp there goes at least 3/4 of new yorks Uber and lift drivers

sulphide g 5 months
you can than the taxi lobby