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Unplugged and Awake 5 months
Germany has strong unions while America's union membership is dwindling. If worker could Unite this could be a positive for workers.
Oliver Biscuit 5 months
No it won't. Look what strong unions did to GM. Their employees are mostly all unemployed. At one point, it cost (IIRC) 40-50/hr for the average employee (wage, benefits, pension, etc). It's no wonder most places would love to go to Mexico or China.
J.Pluvius 5 months
Unions are full of criminals at the top. And those criminals like to fund other criminals, like the Clintons.
M.Twain 5 months
OB how much was management making, right now in America management makes 300% more than the worker, prior to the 80's they only made 30% more. From the 60's to 80's workers earned over 70% of the increase in GDP, since the 80's they have earned 0%.