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Internal report reveals widespread failures by police during Capitol riot

Internal report reveals widespread failures by police during Capitol riot

A report by the US Capitol Police has detailed a number of missteps that left the force unprepared for the 6 January insurrection. The report highlighted the use of riot shields that shattered upon impact, expired weapons that couldn’t be used, and an intelligence division that had few set standards. The report comes as the Capitol police force has plunging morale and has edged closer to crisis.

Angé d'Saint-Cloud
Angé d'Saint-Cloud 3 weeks

Atleast it's being called what it was, a riot and not an insurrection. Regardless of how much you may hate trump and his supporters you have to realize how dangerous it is to allow the state to use such language. It may be them for now, but later it will be others and when that time comes they will have already laid the ground work for manipulating the masses into believing such nonsense. Language is the most powerful weapon in politics and if you concede, even a little bit, you will have disarmed yourself. The state doesnt care about left or right, liberal or conservative, it only cares about power and how it can take more from us. Our rights are universal and if they take them from one side it's only a matter of time before they take them from the other and by then you will lost any allies you may have had. The saying that came out of the holocaust, "first they came..." always applies. They will come and you will have no one to help you. This battle isnt between the People it is between us and the state, and it always has been and always will be. We can disagree, but with them there isnt any disagreement there is only force. Raw, tyrannical force. Regardless of ideology, party, race, gender or religion we are still the People and they are the state. This makes us brothers and sisters if we like it or not and they will always be our common enemy. Our struggle is against them, not eachother. With unity we cannot be defeated. They are few and we are many. And we are complicit in their crimes until we stop them. How much longer will we keep playing their game?

Qanonsense 3 weeks

Investigation reveals widespread police failures across the entire country.

chris 3 weeks

Yeah, they should've beat the hell out of the people walking around and taking selfies.

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