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ProbablyFailing 5 months
Some of you are missing the point. The existence of Santa is not part of the publicly funded curriculum. The teacher grossly overstepped her bounds. It is the place of the parents, not the state, to determine what is and isn’t appropriate for their children to believe. Imagine if she’d made similar statements regarding a child’s religious deity. As with any profession, if you generally stick to doing your job, you generally keep it. Stick to the curriculum teachers.
Janitor Jez Socks 5 months
We don't know exactly why she did this. Suppose one of the children was upsetting the class by telling the other kids Santa is not real. What would you do as a leader? Lie to children and make the smart one look dumb? She seems to have chosen to educate them. Of course she must go before she starts telling them they are evolved monkeys and not dirt-boys and rib-girls made by the God-on-stick.😁
ConcealCarryProtect 5 months
This is entirely why she got fired. Not over religious reasons, but the fact she strayed from curriculum. I included this isn't he new summary with NO spelling errors.
ProbablyFailing 5 months
@jez If you’re asking honestly what I’d do if Santa’s existence were questioned in my first grade class, I’d advise the children to focus on the curriculum I’m teaching and to discuss such things at an appropriate time and place like recess, lunch, or at home. Then, I’d return to teaching and, presumably, keep my job.