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Solomon 7 months

Mandraquex3000 7 months
just grow up already you oversensitive faux outrage mob monkeys

Mike Oliver 7 months
Quick go buy a copy before they're all rounded up and destroyed.

Joel Luby 7 months
I've read the lyrics and it seems like a woman having a battle over what she wants and what's expected of her in a society that places unreasonable expectancy on women. She clearly wants to, but worry if what people will think and not being seen as a "good girl" rather than exercising her own agency. If this song shows examples of rape culture, then I think it's actually showing that she's not able to make decisions without unfair societal notions placed upon women at the time.

James T Kirk 7 months
Who the hell listens to radio anymore?
Mike Oliver 7 months
Good question, the other day I tried listening to the radio for the first time in who knows how long and after what seemed like ten minutes of non-stop advertisements I finally got tired of waiting and loaded my usual digital playlist.
KatoBytes 7 months
Who knows

Erich Johnsonbaugh 7 months
A song took nearly 75 years for us to get offended? Something tells me natural selection missed a really large group of people. This stupidity seems like its becoming contagious.

Pen Ultimate 7 months
This = Stupid

Terry carling 7 months
"Say what's in this Drink?".... Better assume it's roofies.... Right?... Right?
CharlieMike 7 months
Right. Roofies invented in the 50's were written into a song in 1944. But we better assume.
Terry carling 7 months
I actually didn't know that about roofies, all the more reason banning this is a Lil silly

Norma J 7 months
Pathetic. This fun song would be rated G. Amazing how many songs, books, etc. will be gone at the rate this country takes offense over every little thing.

Knights Templar 7 months
If this is the way we are going then I'm offended by every song that contains the word ni**er, bitch, hoe, slut, rape, weed, fuck, cunt and any other word than can be offensive. So where will that leave us? With classical music and fucking jazz, I fucking hate jazz. I don't want to live in that world.
Beck70 7 months
There's always Polka!

GEN Z 7 months now listen carefully SJW's this isnt rape date it's just a good classic love song

guacamoleturtle 7 months
This is so stupid. Some people have nothing better to do than criticise old song lyrics. How pathetic!

Iwas Sold 7 months
okay, so this song is rapey, but I can go on the internet and find rape porn in literally seconds. maybe the people getting it banned can start from the most extreme and work their way down.
Beisht Kione 7 months
It's not rapey at all. Its flirty. Flirting isnt rape.

Seth Racc 7 months
They’re trying to erase our culture.

Tajiri San 7 months
It would be much easier if we just banned feminism. Then you wouldn't have this nonsense. They were protesting about knickers here in the UK!

Sebastian Howard 7 months
its because the song was written by whites. if it were a song made by black people no one would care. anti white racism is abundant and evil.
Joel Luby 7 months
That's a nonsensical argument caged in your own bias.
Sebastian Howard 7 months
fancy way of saying you disagree. BETAAAA! hahaha.

Wino-wisdom 7 months
What happened to freedom of expression...? Radio stations should play what they want, its not their problem if some lonely sjw types get offended. Offense is taken, not given

Johan 7 months
I agree with he ban, a husband and his wife singing a flirty holiday song is horrid and promotes rape culture, which means that other men will become rapists when they hear this song. Now if you’ll excuse me I need to go defend muslim’s treatment of women. /s

Ryan M 7 months
Songs glorifying actual rape are aired every day, every hour. There are video games where you can hire hookers and murder them instead of pay them. Where is the outrage over that "problematic" media? Of course, this isn't about the song and its lyrics. It is about destroying a Judeo-Christian holiday. The left seeks to erode the foundations of western civilization in order to impose their socialist utopia over the world. That is why they hate Christmas, Christianity, and every other fiber of Western culture and tradition.
Nick Stice 7 months
GTA was banned from Target for the "mistreatment of women". GTA has always been controversial and leaving people outraged
Sean Russell 7 months
1st of all, the first part of your comment about video games is just plain stupid. every single time a GTA game is released the cable news stations wet themselves screaming about how it's going to cause people to go on criminal tiraids. They've been saying it since the gooddan 90's with Mortal Kombat. 2nd, no the "left" isn't trying to destroy your Judeo-christian holiday. Happy Holidays isn't a slight against Christians, it's a nod to the "shock" mulligans of Americans the aren't christian, but are in fact Jewish, Muslim, (horror of horrors) atheists or any other belief system. Besides which, there are more holidays than just Christmas this time of year. Thanksgiving, Chanukah (sp?), Kwanzaa, New Years... there may well be a few crack pots that hate the holiday, but despite Bill O'really's year whine feast, Christmas isn't being targeted by "Da Left".
KatoBytes 7 months
What do you mean Judeo-Christian? It's not even Christian anymore, let alone Jewish. It's been secular for the past several decades now. Asians celebrate Christmas for... Christ's sake. Unless you consider that "destroying" it as well.

Damien4Liberty 7 months
The Inquisition strikes again. Beware, my friends, hard days ahead.