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Paul M 8 months
I thought women were tough? Is this really how weak they are?! So does that mean that they'll ban virtually all rap music too?
Brandon Spears 8 months
No because it's ok when African Americans are sexist, just not whites...
VaasDC 8 months
but the song isnt sexist or rapey or anything these morons are complaining about.
Mandraquex3000 8 months
no, of course not... it's totally feminist to call women "bitches"

Spartacus 8 months
Where the rules are made up and context doesn’t matter
Irish Dave 8 months
context is important in this song. the woman in it has all the power and is using the fact that the man wants her to stay to basically make him beg. she want to stay and is teasing him. they don't see that because the ones complaining usually either don't know how to tease or no one's begging them to stick around.
Spartacus 8 months
Ya the songs about him giving her excuses to stay the night because at the time it wasn’t as socially acceptable

SimonR 8 months
Feminism is cancer.
Rocky LeBlanc 8 months
This isn't feminism. Feminist believe in female empowerment not cowering from song lyrics.
SimonR 8 months
No, this absolutely is feminism. No-one else is complaining about these lyrics. They also don't complain about rap lyrics.
SimonR 8 months
Enemies of the first world destroying our culture and traditions.

Irish Dave 8 months
the song isn't rapey, listen to the words, she WANTS to stay and wants him to prove to her that he wants her to stay and it's a cat and mouse playful song not some rapey ballox some over sensitive babies deep evil and mysoginistic and blah blah blah. women across the world are being forced into genital mutilation, being forced to cover their faces because of their religion and having their testimony only equal 50% of a man's. maybe refocus you're efforts to something that really matters and leave this shit alone. but I guess that stuff is hard and this is an easy win, lazy fucks don't wanna do work to get equality (which they have) and instead bitch and moan about little things they take as offensive.
Petri Fide 8 months
Exactly... I read through all the comments hoping someone would point this out.
VaasDC 8 months
the whole song is her wanting to stay longer but explaining what others would think. since in that era a young woman staying st a lads house was seen as negative or people would gossip. the suggestions he gives, "blizzard getting worse" are excuses hes trying to give her to use. she then uses the" what's in my drink" in that era that phrase was used as an excuse. the joke is nothings in the drink..... its alcohol.

Judi Em 8 months
There's FAR worse things played over the radio a thousand times a day! This is friggin stupid.

Rocky LeBlanc 8 months
And Rudolph is full of bullying. Can we all agree these people are insidious scum with the singular goal of dismantling western culture.

Johan 8 months
I agree with he ban, a husband and his wife singing a flirty holiday song is horrid and promotes rape culture, which means that other men will become rapists when they hear this song. Now if you’ll excuse me I need to go defend muslim’s treatment of women. /s

Robert 8 months
A man trying to convince a woman to stay the night with him is rape? Well, just an FYI for everyone. I guess I am a rapist.
Justgail68 one 8 months
No way. If they don’t ask or try to woo the woman how will they know? And believe me when a woman lets a man know she is willing you at the very least have a flattered man who will usually graciously turn you down or woopie.

PA_Patriot89 8 months
SJWs always have to find something problematic. Smh
Joel Luby 8 months
As a liberal who probably disagrees with you on most issues, on this I agree.

James Roberts 8 months
Judging by all the banning happening.... baby it is cold outside....
Justgail68 one 8 months
Men can’t woo women anymore and if they don’t understand woo they need to look it up.
ReWired Ramen 8 months
Sounds like it's pretty cold INSIDE too

Damien4Liberty 8 months
The Inquisition strikes again. Beware, my friends, hard days ahead.

Tajiri San 8 months
It would be much easier if we just banned feminism. Then you wouldn't have this nonsense. They were protesting about knickers here in the UK!

Sebastian Howard 8 months
its because the song was written by whites. if it were a song made by black people no one would care. anti white racism is abundant and evil.
Joel Luby 8 months
That's a nonsensical argument caged in your own bias.
Sebastian Howard 8 months
fancy way of saying you disagree. BETAAAA! hahaha.

Knights Templar 8 months
If this is the way we are going then I'm offended by every song that contains the word ni**er, bitch, hoe, slut, rape, weed, fuck, cunt and any other word than can be offensive. So where will that leave us? With classical music and fucking jazz, I fucking hate jazz. I don't want to live in that world.
Beck70 8 months
There's always Polka!

David O'Doherty 8 months

Wino-wisdom 8 months
What happened to freedom of expression...? Radio stations should play what they want, its not their problem if some lonely sjw types get offended. Offense is taken, not given

Seth Racc 8 months
They’re trying to erase our culture.

James T Kirk 8 months
Who the hell listens to radio anymore?
Mike Oliver 8 months
Good question, the other day I tried listening to the radio for the first time in who knows how long and after what seemed like ten minutes of non-stop advertisements I finally got tired of waiting and loaded my usual digital playlist.
KatoBytes 8 months
Who knows

guacamoleturtle 8 months
This is so stupid. Some people have nothing better to do than criticise old song lyrics. How pathetic!

CharlieMike 8 months
Baby It's Cold Outside is a problem for one reason. Same as Jingle Bells, White Christmas, Merry Christmas, etc. We keep giving inches on this BS like we forgot the motivational speech from Any Given Sunday.
Nick Stice 8 months
that and the lyric "hey what's in this drink?"
CharlieMike 8 months
Booze. This song was written in 1944, benzodiazepines (what are used in date rape drugs) were developed in the 50's. It is her playing coy because to slosh back booze alone with a guy in the 40's gave you a reputation.