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Oliver Biscuit 7 months
Nothing new here. It's not even the lowest they've gone. Remember the Holocaust On Your Plate campaign they had?
Irish Dave 7 months
always made me want steak...
edwin naidu 7 months
I was just wondering, off topic, is your name Oliver biscuit in reference to Baki?
Oliver Biscuit 7 months
Never heard of Baki. What/who is it?

Nick Stice 7 months
Peta is a joke, they euthanize more animals than protect. The CEO hates pitbulls, just because.
Oliver Biscuit 7 months
Yep and the VP uses pig insulin to keep alive but they make an exception for her
Robert 7 months
Daily reminder than PETA has stolen pets and then put them down rather than return them.
Oliver Biscuit 7 months
Yes Robert this is true too. They're a vile and corrupt organization.

That Farang 7 months
I’m a proud member of PETA - People Eating Tasty Animals
The Autarch 7 months
If God didn't want me to eat animals, he shouldn't have made them out of meat. Mmm...delicious meat.

Irish Dave 7 months
I think they should be criticised for the fact that they kill 75% of the animals they "rescue" and kidnap people's pets because they don't believe that pets should be a thing, oh yeah and they killed a little girls dog after luring it away and had to pay 40k I think it was in damages. guess their level of social justice isn't up to scratch with all the other ones.

Dennis Avery 7 months
Nothing new. Peta is a Marxist organization, obsessed with language and neologisms to support their idiotic position. They are all basically the same: "Everyone I don't agree with is literally Ніtler".
Efraint628 7 months
Efraint628 7 months
If you think thats true then you clearly don't know what marxism is
Dennis Avery 7 months
Did I just "hurt your feelings"?

Mr. Spartacus 7 months
The meat of peta’s argument is a joke
Cary Brown 7 months
There isn't enough room to swing a cat in their argument. Never mind get it to bounce! ... I adore cats by the way.

Lowlife Gaming Crew 7 months
Should peta be considered a terrorist group? They do kill animals and steal them to make a political statement, they must be terrorists, at least in the loosest definition of a terrorist
Daddy Tito 7 months
By their own standards, yes they are terrorists.

Christopher Harbutt 7 months
Steak is tasty.

Brandon Barnett 7 months
I love bacon

Starr 7 months
As a comment I read somewhere else recently said, "PETA is to SJWs what SJWs are to normal people."

Minnow 7 months
Peta, my daily reminder to eat meat daily

Fluffy Puppies 7 months
I like that everyone no matter who your are can all get to gether and s**t on PETA

M.Twain 7 months
I don't think you can find a bigger bunch of nutters around. I blame it on too many Disney cartoons like Bambi, I think these folks should be taken out into nature and see firsthand how really brutal nature is.

Uncle Georgy 7 months
Im a vegetarian for four years now,Im voluteering when got the chance to help protecting the enviroment...but PETA,********** PETA man.They are unbelivable and Im not even suprised on smaller stuff like this anymore tbh.

Steven Cline 7 months
PeTA has equated killing animals with genocide for years, that's why people on the left have been ignoring them more and more each year.

Zyphure Xypia 7 months
PETA happy to push their opinion on others!

Brocke 7 months
So under the new "Animal Farm" rules if you call someone a pig who are you offending?

Andrew Colomy 7 months
You know, there's a noble cause buried in PETA's intentions, but my God are their priorities outta whack. They care more about insipid things lately than they do about rescuing animals. Its why nobody takes them seriously. They're a joke.

Nicholas Noel 7 months
The leftist that are laughing at PETA for this, that support politically correct language. You're just as bad.

Dobrawka S 7 months
Wow, PETA, that's some serious anti-plant language you're suggesting there. Why do you hate plants? You intolerant speciesist bigots!