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M Y T MOD 7 months
What a snake. And while no Brexit is better than this sham of a plan, the people voted for Brexit, but that could very well be ignored or overturned depending on what Parliament decides to do once May's plan is voted down.

MEIJIN44 7 months
Wow the shear sarcasm in this comment section is telling. This lady must be all kinds of fucked up.

Rome’s Ebonpyre 7 months
OHHH!!!!! Who could have known!?!? She sure got us on that one!!! /s

Idiot Prole 7 months
Right, that's it, I'm digging up Thatcher. One zombie brexit coming right up.

Wino-wisdom 7 months
That is brand new information [sarcasm]

Chris Cahill 7 months
shocker a remainer misleading brexiters
Nick Stice 7 months

Mark Oulaghan 7 months
you mean being a liar no need for euphemism

Irish Dave 7 months
no way! really? but why would she have done that... what possible reason... I'm sure she doesn't have a nice deal arranged with the EU for when she inevitably gets the fucking boot from UK politics after reeming the country

Dammedman 7 months
In other news water is wet.

Eric Shun 7 months
no surprise there
Jacqueline Hagedorn 7 months