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AltMiddle 5 months
These sailors shouldn't have to suffer for the incompetence of their leaders.

themanwithnoname 5 months
Good luck with that

Free Speech 5 months
Misleading title and photo.

Nicholas Noel 5 months
If you're afraid to declare war. Why lead a country?

Mr. A 5 months
Poroschenko's attempt to declare martial law and delay Ukraine's elections were a flop (has less than 10% approval). The audio of what transpired is on Youtube. Ukrainian sailors were skimming the border for over 30 min, no one has died. Russia has much more restraint than the US does in such a situation. We would've sent the ship (and it's crew) to the bottom of the ocean instantly.

Jus Saying 5 months
Does everyone see this for what it is, Poroshenko trying to drum up support for the elections coming up on 31st March?
Free Speech 5 months
Nah, just you and Putin.