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Public Corrections 8 months
Free? Nothing is free. Hell, they're even LITERALLY taxing the air we breath now.
Irish Dave 8 months
not yet...
Sebastian Howard 8 months
yeah, like any sort of "carbon tax" nonsense. its literally taxing the air we breath. some recent research i read showed tha plant growth has accelerated exponentially in the last century likely because plants need co2 to build themselves.
Presley Perswain 8 months
warmer climate extends growing seasons. But that doesn't make it universally a good thing.

Dennis Avery 8 months
Haha, they can afford it) What are they, 50 km or less between any 2 point within their territory.
Irish Dave 8 months
I was gonna say you can throw a stone from one side if the country to the other. I drove through it once without realizing it.

Eldar Hasanovic 8 months
As much as the word "free" in this context annoys me this is an interesting proposal and I'm keen to see how it works out
Ekitchi Hoshi 8 months
Yeah, I'm also curious to see how it turns out. Public transportation tend to be more convenient and more efficient the more people use it. This might lead to a serious improvement overall. Of course it's not technically free since it willl be payed for through taxes but that's the most convenient way of describing it. It's like the leftist complaing about the term "illegals" they say no person is illegal, it's their situation that is illegal. But we all know what it means, it's just convenient.

The First Man 8 months
Couldn’t have happened to a much smaller country... I’m just sayin...
DKO 8 months
All public transportation inside my home is free.
Petri Fide 8 months
Liechtenstein is a bit smaller, but good point.

jobengals 8 months
Free to the public. Not the taxpayers... because nothing is free. So tired of these retahd headlines.
Sean Russell 8 months
aren't taxpayers part of the public? I'm confused.
Lowlife 8 months
@Sean, part but not all. They foot the bill
Ekitchi Hoshi 8 months
getting hang up on the word free is a little silly. We all know it's paid for through taxes, free is the most convenient way of describing it. It's like leftists getting hang up on the word "illegals" because no person is illegal, it's their situation that is illegal. We all know what it means.

O'Brien 8 months
"Luxembourg makes EVERYONE pay for public transport whether they use it or not" Fixed.
Christopher Harbutt 8 months

George Milligan 8 months
First and no doubt only. With a population of 590,000 that’s no big deal. Let me guess, next will be Andorra and The Vatican City?

Evolved Ape 8 months
More urbanized self-empowered liberal elites stealing from the poor of their country while patting their own backs.
Covfefe_riot 8 months
Except in tiny Luxemburg the poorest of the poor are probably lower middle class or retired.
Ekitchi Hoshi 8 months
not to mention that public transport tend to be used the most by the poor and taxes affect the rich at a higher rate, so your statement is completely incorrect. It's actually, the rich being made to pay for public transportation whether they use it or not. Also public transportation tend to increase in efficiency and convenience the more people use it. So I'm curious to see how it turns out because it might turn out very well.

Nicolas Uppal 8 months
Good. This is how humanity wins.
Evolved Ape 8 months
This is how the rich and urban siphon money from the poor.
Morbo 8 months
People not getting paid for the fruit of their labour is not winning.
jobengals 8 months
But, but... acceptance! Love! Humanity!!!!!! 🙄

Tin Ego 8 months
If it’s free then who the hell is the amazing charity guy doing the giving? Winston Churchill made a fair point when he said that there is nothing a government can give you that it hasn’t first taken away. Seems that it’s pretty easy to fool most of the people most of the time lol.
A Car Guy 8 months

David B 8 months
Too many alt right dumbasses on this app.
vicalncraig 8 months
Ban them! There is too much free speech on this app.
Justin Kidd 8 months
Run along to your safe space mate 😊
Tin Ego 8 months
Oh dear I must be “alt” something or other as I have an opposing opinion to you and your mates

Vaelin Al Sorna 8 months
Great story

Xymus 8 months
Hopefully this will mean less cars on the road.

SimonR 8 months
"Free" Fakenews

RedShipley 8 months
Luxembourg sounds like a great place to visit.

Lacewood 8 months
Luxembourg will suffer from either bloated traffic or increased taxes. whenever anyone in a position of authority simply saying the word, "free" often means shift of the country budget in which one way or another falls to their citizens.

Experiment Eks 8 months
Great! Now econ morons who see the word "FREE" + public services + name of country where it's implemented in would equate it as something very viable and applicable to all countries! IF ONLY, (insert impossible ideal here like eliminating all forms of corruption) happens. Worse, they might just run for public office and spout this nonsense.

Space Monkey 8 months
Free public transport sounds good,doesn't it? But just like free health care and free schools it isn't really free, taxes will have to rise to pay for it.

Cybersinke 8 months
Interesting. How did they force the bus / tram drivers to drive people around for free? Who provided buses, fuel?

ReWired Ramen 8 months
This just goes to show that all countries need to be the size of Luxembourg from now on.