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Nicholas Noel 1 weeks
Wait... so... you can create a dance and patent it?
DKO 1 weeks
Copyright law, not patent law. Two very different kinds of imaginary property laws. You can sue for anything. The judge might just throw it out if it's too bullshit to be worth the time in court. In this case, the dance doesn't look copyrightable. See the opinion of this lawyer for instance: TL;DR: choreography is copyrightable; this ain't choreography.
VaasDC 1 weeks
.. so if I use his dance he can sue me. if the judge rules in his favour he will set a really fucked up precedent.
DKO 1 weeks
Unless you try really hard to lose, you won't. You'll even demand him to pay your legal fees, and any damage (lost wages, distress, etc) incurred by the frivolous lawsuit. Oh, I wish I got sued by a rich idiot.

ReWired Ramen 1 weeks
Can we sue them for all the other dances too?
TheWeakMinded 1 weeks
Probably, but those dances are modelled after successful people that don't need a lawsuit to make money

Oliver Biscuit 1 weeks
Might wanna sue Blizzard for every dance in WoW. Smh

Andrew Colomy 1 weeks
Can we sue Fortnite for being a normie game?