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tabachoy 50 1 weeks
Wtf, how did she even get the job in the first place? It seems that she has some sort of mental illness...
Ralph 6 days
same way gender studies became acceptable curriculum

Ryan Knight 1 weeks
Sounds like her MKUltra programming is glitching.
Adrian Radulescu 6 days
Ryan Knight —- I dropped my morning coffee! Hahaha! Thank you! Lol!

Knights Templar 1 weeks
3.. ..2.. ..1.. .. incoming post about how it's the fault of Trump, men, sexism or the patriarchy trying to give this fruit loop a pass. Can you imagine the shit storm if a male teacher did this to a female student?
Idiot Prole 1 weeks
And zero. Orange man bad.
Sam S 1 weeks
Nick Stice 6 days

Fatman in Paradise 1 weeks
A officially "wtf?" moment of 2018. 😥

MEIJIN44 1 weeks
Did he let her do it? What the fuck? If a teacher dare try to touch my hair I'd be going to jail and they would be fitting her for a casket. This is what happens when you go full Californian. Never go full Californian.
Robert 6 days
6 years ago when I was in school they tried their best to break you of independent thought. You were to listen and obey, not question. Can't imagine what it's like now.
Trustory 6 days
I've been kicking her ass

david toh 1 weeks
i believe her
Jesse E. 6 days
beanie weaine 6 days
Kenguru Safari 6 days
I believe women and I believe survivors. #MeToo

LaVerdadEsMuyCatólica 1 weeks
Public school is staffed by the most abhorrent people ... the MOTHER of the child and children generally should EDUCATE their OWN at HOME.
TheeSabin 1 weeks
I respectfully disagree.
Sam S 1 weeks
You’re joking, right?
Daddy Tito 6 days
He was 100% correct before the ...

ReWired Ramen 1 weeks
My teacher shaved my head in class but you don't hear me crying about it
Alexander Bendyna III 1 weeks
Did your teacher do it against your will? Cause that would be assault and battery.
JacobMcDaid 1 weeks
I'd shave her head for that lol. Tit for tat
ReWired Ramen 6 days
@alexander Nah, it was to raise money for charity I realize it was a very different situation than this :)

Harry Tindley 1 weeks
Daddy Tito 6 days
The former kingdom in the English Midlands?

Nicholas Noel 1 weeks
And? What is she getting arrested for?
T.N. Morgan 1 weeks
For assault, dummy.
Alexander Bendyna III 1 weeks
Because that is assault and battery
Uncle Georgy 6 days
she started threathening students pulled on their hair etc

JacobMcDaid 1 weeks
This has gotta be some weird anti white male thing right? California here we come.. 😂
Evan S 1 weeks
Why would you say that? She tried to cut a girl's hair too.
cledge fenrir 6 days
true Evan but since this thread has already had that start off; did they mention the sex/gender of the main student's hair she cut? It seems they over looked that but easily mention that sex/gender of the next student in line.
Rave Biscuits 6 days
Careful not to become as paranoid about anti-white racism as the SJWs are about anti-black racism.

Justin Kidd 6 days
The student said she's normally a nice and sweet lady. I'd lose my mind too dealing with high school brats every day.

TheeSabin 1 weeks
My guess is that she is bi-polar.

Stal 6 days
The great progressive nation. Same thing would have happened in an under developed country and would have a bunch of commenters here talking about how uncivil and backward the country is. But now lets look at this as a 'mental issue of one person' not call it a society of sickos

CharlieMike 6 days
Ha ha ha TDS broke her!

sulphide g 6 days
that's weird, but felony seriously?

Minnow 6 days
Allegedly not her first snap. Something broken in her noggin, does she have blondes disease?

Uncle Georgy 6 days
Excuse me,wtf?

M.Twain 6 days
She needs to be taken to the psych ward, definitely, something is wrong in her brain

SufferingInCali 6 days
What. Did the kid wear a MAGA hat to class?