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FraktalFace 8 months
makes me want socialism.

Married to an Airmen 8 months
Fight for the cheese cake... Even if they are small slices...

Stal 8 months
Stupid nation. Policing the world instead of policing itself.

TayTay 8 months
USA! USA! USA! USA! USA!..........Mmmmmmmm Cheesecake 8-b

Efraint628 8 months
Ah capitalism at its finest😎

ProbablyFailing 8 months
WTF Election results, judicial confirmations, speakers with different points of view, sales, and now cheesecake... get it the f*** together America!

Catalyst 8 months
In France: riots against excessive price hikes In the US: Riots for Sechuan Sauce, Cheesecakes and toilet paper on Black Friday Ps: to be fair there was a riot over Nutella jars in France last year
Oliver Biscuit 8 months
Don't forget, last year the French rioted over a 70% surprise sale over Nutella.