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Brandon Barmett 1 weeks
If we are to have a criminal reform and we I do think we do need it. What I think we should do first is allow individuals who commit crimes such as smoking weed should be rehabilitated. Now if we are to legalize weed I would be fine with it but we should have warning signs that go with it.
Watheverable GRAMPS 1 weeks
Honestly, smoking weed outside shouldn't be a crime, there's no way you can have more ventilation than that.
Brandon Barmett 6 days
I agree smoking weed outside shouldn't be a crimes but in my opinion there should be a restriction on it. Only because base on my research smoking weed has a lot of health risk.
Andre Gerard 6 days
That's not correct. If you are standing at a bus stop and people are smoking weed it definitely affects you!