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Bulk Smash!!! 7 months
First of all if this had been a single mother disciplining her 10 year old son praise would be dropping out of the sky like the morning dew. Second of all discipline is ABSOLUTELY necessary for children. That we have a whole generation of entitled, whiny, thin skinned, narcissistic adults hiding from reality in safe spaces vividly and drastically demonstrates that. As a child I spent hours in 36 degree weather playing so walking in spurts isn't going to hurt a healthy, well bundled child. And yes, if the behavior doesn't change then by all means a whoopin' is in order. The parent can out of love let the child know that there are limits to how far bad behavior is tolerated, or she can be taught that by living alone except for all her cats because she didn't know better than to watch her mouth. I applaud this father for the love he showed his daughter.
Darryl 63 7 months
Excellent comment... I whole heartedly agree... if only more people would be more rationally minded about parenting. A big thumbs up!!
Irish Dave 7 months
can't top this comment.
Pen Ultimate 7 months
I leave the stage to you, sir. Cheers to that!