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VoteMeForDictator 8 months
Good! She'll grow up tough and well like a boy named Sue.

Mike Oliver 8 months
While I don't disagree with the punishment recording it and posting the video online seems like well, bullying.

MeloDanRobles 8 months
I love it !

Marcus Esmay 8 months
Hard to wonder where this girl got the idea that being cruel to other people was acceptable.

TheBornOfFire 8 months
my field of fucks is barren.

SirHall Stein 8 months
The discipline is good, displaying it to the whole world is beyond stupid.

Kenguru Safari 8 months
the walk itself is a great punishment. Uploading a video of it is only for his own pr.

Paxton Deer 8 months
My hs football coach did this to someone else's kid and it was okay then...

Binx1 8 months
I'd like to know who wrote the book on parenting? The child dose not appear to be in any danger, or dose any stranger ,have a right to decide what is best?

Remys Bayou 8 months
good builds character

space ghost 8 months
How can people be upset over a few 5 mile walks with her dad behind her the whole way yet be so happy for the migrants dragging there kids 1300 miles and breaking laws the whole way?

Peter Hamby 8 months
Talk about, "Walk a mile in his/her shoes..."
hi hi 8 months
then realize that's a couple laps around a football field for 3 days

LaVerdadEsMuyCatólica 8 months
Props to the father .... but ... How about NOT have your kids in public school but rather have the WIFE stay home and educate her OWN CHILDREN! And while you are at it make her write dictionary words as a meritorious form of punishment.

T.N. Morgan 8 months
Dress her warmly and send her off. I don't see a problem with this. She wasn't beaten. She wasn't starved. A long walk in some chilly weather is nothing. Plus, he was monitoring her the whole way. It's fine.

Invisible “O” King 8 months
dude's a bit of a dick for recording it and putting it online. also many people seem to be using their own experiences walking everywhere as a child to say that this is nothing... cool you were used to walking around cause you had to do it so much. the average kid doesn't usually have to walk so far anymore, transportation is everywhere. any activity is going to be harder on someone who almost never does it than on someone who does it all the time.
hi hi 8 months
but 5 miles in 3 days, really isn't a lot. I mean she's young but thats not a lot.

Lake Ceo 8 months
If you as the father do not take the time out to teach this lesson life will and it will be much more harsh.

Michael Armstrong 8 months
So bullying is unacceptable. Yes it is But no cost or punishment changes nothing. Did the Father abandon his daughter? No. Corporal punishment? No. Walking to think about her cost for her bad behavior. Perfect. So what is so wrong about this? Nothing. Hopefully lesson learned.

Jimmy P 8 months
this ain't nothing, our grand parents walk to school further in snow and barfoot.

david dindu 8 months
ohio? she gonna get raped

Eric Fossum 8 months
My Grandma would walk 11 miles through corn fields to get to and from school. Not for punishment, but because that’s how things were.