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Irish Dave 7 months
now that's fathering! good man!
Hired Troll 7 months
Yeah I thought it was a pretty good idea, until he videoed her and posted it online...
Irish Dave 7 months
@cameron yeah but fuck the people who aren't raising his kid. he's doing it, not them. shows that some people still have the balls to discipline their kids.

Bulk Smash!!! 7 months
First of all if this had been a single mother disciplining her 10 year old son praise would be dropping out of the sky like the morning dew. Second of all discipline is ABSOLUTELY necessary for children. That we have a whole generation of entitled, whiny, thin skinned, narcissistic adults hiding from reality in safe spaces vividly and drastically demonstrates that. As a child I spent hours in 36 degree weather playing so walking in spurts isn't going to hurt a healthy, well bundled child. And yes, if the behavior doesn't change then by all means a whoopin' is in order. The parent can out of love let the child know that there are limits to how far bad behavior is tolerated, or she can be taught that by living alone except for all her cats because she didn't know better than to watch her mouth. I applaud this father for the love he showed his daughter.
Darryl 63 7 months
Excellent comment... I whole heartedly agree... if only more people would be more rationally minded about parenting. A big thumbs up!!
Irish Dave 7 months
can't top this comment.
Pen Ultimate 7 months
I leave the stage to you, sir. Cheers to that!

Ted Hill 7 months
I note that the whole 5 miles seems to have been broken up over several days. "Toledo ABC affiliate WTVG reports that the five-mile walk was broken up over the girl's three-day suspension and she finished the last two miles on Wednesday."
The Autarch 7 months
Even so, anyone complaining about the distance or the temperature is a wuss. For a kid, it would take anywhere from an hour and a half to two hours to walk five miles, and layering clothing would be the best way to keep the cold out. Hope she learned a valuable lesson.
Oliver Biscuit 7 months
No kidding. Nobody raised a shit about me walking to and from school in blizzards 5 months out of the year. 5 miles over 3 days? What a joke. That's only 0.8mi each way. Why isn't she walking to school anyway?
MEIJIN44 7 months
This is why white people kill their parents. A normal punishment will do. Publicly humiliating you child will make them hate you. Bad call. Give them a good old fashion asswhipping and/or take away their favorite toys for a while. That way they still have their dignity and don't think killing you is the best way to settle a score when they get older. I mean, don't they know crap like this will show up when they get older. This is how you slowly turn someone into a criminal or suicidal. Punishment makes sense. Having a punishment being broadcasted on the news. That is going to bite someone in the long term I just know it. Punishing a child should teach a lesson. The one thing she can get form this punishment is that all she needs is seniority and power to bully people. Or to not get caught. Congrats. Short term win, long term fail.

Lenwë 7 months
What’s the issue? Kid gots to learn not to be a little shit
MEIJIN44 7 months
She clearly got it from her father. Having to walk five miles as a child is a suitable punishment. Having that video taped, broadcasted, and placed on the internet is excessive. It makes the father look good at the expense of the child's long term mental health. If his daughter goes buck wild after she leaves the nest or is caught hanging out with the wrong crowd or running away this is why. Someone who will willingly negatively impact their child's life for something so minor and easy to rectify is just as bad. He is a bully as much as she is. Hence my overall statement.

Experiment Eks 7 months
When someone actually does PARENTING right and idiots could focus on the "violent" father and his "harsh" punishment. No wonder Western kids are growing up to be idiotic SJWs.
BicBoi Spyder 7 months
Yeah, but if it was a mother doing this instead of the father, there would either be no story at all or they would shower her with praise.
adam ferrebee 7 months
headline: "Stunning, Brave, Downtrodden Mother Coaches Fatherless Child With A Valuable Life Lesson...All Without the Help Of A Man"

FatYeezus 7 months
From USA Today; Commenter Peggy Smeltzer was among the few that expressed concern: "5 miles is a lot for a 10 year old let alone someone older in 36 degree weather I agree with you on not tolerating bullying but I think that’s too much." We underestimate the human condition.
Reuven Cohen 7 months
No, Peggy Smeltzer is, sadly, ignorant. Someone share with her an interview with David Goggins.
Scott Hill 7 months
would you have said that if it were a boy?
Reuven Cohen 7 months

Sebastian Howard 7 months
why the heck is this even news? kids in alaska do this daily in way colder conditions. waste of time.
Kenguru Safari 7 months
at least those parents have the dignity to keep their cameras down x) This guy only wanted attention from the internet at the expense of his daughter.

Public Corrections 7 months
That was a normal trip to/from school for me from 2nd grade on through high school. And it was even worse for my parents - the path was apparently up hill both ways when they were kids.
Ignatius J. Reilly 7 months
Yeah, I just googled mapped this .8 miles and its very slightly less than what I would walk home from school very often when I was about 10. It's hardly a death march, a fitting punishment if she can't ride the bus and something she might grow to enjoy. Anyone who thinks this is an extreme punishment, or even a little bit heavy handed, has no idea what they're talking about.

Mark Oulaghan 7 months
if all is true then I agree with his approach to showing he's daughter that bulling is unacceptable No violence just leg ache
Postjudice 7 months
there's violence in torture. good luck with your logic
Syrocynical 7 months
that’s quite the jump you made there don’t you think?
Oliver Biscuit 7 months
If walking 0.8 miles is torture for you then you really need exercise. Smh (5mi over 3 days, there and back = .8mi one way)

Awesome Monkey 7 months
I wonder how many of the people condemning the father actually have kids themselves.

Petri Fide 7 months
A life lesson that will be remembered

Bon Futur 7 months
Rather this than a beating, but if he was a great parent the bullying would have never happened.
Lowlife Gaming Crew 7 months
Not true, peers have a lot to do with students attitudes in school. There are students who would never dream of cursing at home, but will become the saltiest sailor they can be around like minded friends
jobengals 7 months
You are extremely wrong. Some of the worst people in history have come from great parents who did all that they could to raise a good and decent human being. Sometimes evil just gets the better of us, and I think that this is necessary for the human condition. We need to experience being a bad person before we can truly understand what it takes to be a good person.
Alexander Bendyna III 7 months
I consider my parents to be good parents. They instilled morales and virtues in me that value all people equally and they were tough on me. Yet I still did things I'm not proud of in an effort to fit in with my friends. The people we spend time with have a significant impact on our behaviors.

O'Brien 7 months
If only the parents of these journalists had done the same thing ...

Eric Fossum 7 months
My Grandma would walk 11 miles through corn fields to get to and from school. Not for punishment, but because that’s how things were.

SimonR 7 months
Feminists defend female bullies from decent fathers.

edwin naidu 7 months
that's nothing!

Sean Russell 7 months
When I was 10 u would walk 3 miles just to get some cheap junkfood from the last place that still sold penny candy. And no this wasn't in the 60's this was '92. People need to stop being fragile little snowflakes... that goes for the left and right in the USA. Grow up, the wee lass didn't get to play on her phone for the 15 minute bus ride... boo hoo.

Guy Harrison 7 months
The punishment is bullying the kid to walk 5 miles - can we please see that children are raised and influenced by example? A bullying child is only showing symptoms of a troubled life at home, period.
FishyMacaroon6 7 months
Bullshit. Kids from the best homes can be assholes sometimes. This is a safe and effective way to prevent the behavior in the future.
Nika D 7 months
Walking to school is bullying? Are you an SJW?
Guy Harrison 7 months
I'm sorry you feel so strongly about your opinions, but I am simply suggesting that children learn behavior from the people in their surroundings. If the people in their surroundings are toxic then only toxic people would blame and punish the child while not taking the time to reflect on oneself.

space ghost 7 months
How can people be upset over a few 5 mile walks with her dad behind her the whole way yet be so happy for the migrants dragging there kids 1300 miles and breaking laws the whole way?

Alan D 7 months
Fair play to the dad, a reasonable punishment.