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Mr. Spartacus 6 months
I like the thumbnail. Token female doctor with token Muslim garb, token murse (male nurse). But there’s no black one legged 90 year old non binary zer with Down syndrome...that is pretty racist/ableist/ageist/sexist/down syndromeist and I’m triggered #orangemanbad Edit: it got changed...and that makes me sad
Catalyst 6 months
I hope you get saved by a foreign doctor next time you’ll be in a life or death situation.
Mr. Spartacus 6 months
Its a joke not a dick don’t take it so hard, danm
Al3xK 6 months

Tim S 6 months
Sucks for those countries that made the investment of training doctors. Canada does the same thing, don't train enough if your own doctors, just take them from poorer countries who tried to do the right thing.

Arthur 6 months
Where are the Trumpers shouting "Build that wall?" Immigrants taking American jobs, no? Weird how selective xenophobia is.
CreativeRealms 6 months
There is a difference between illegals and legal (skilled) immigrants that we can pick and choose from.
Long Le 6 months
I bet most of them dont come to US by jumping the fence after arrive in caravan at the border!?! Stupid people are frustrated to deal with sometimes. Sigh
Brandon Spears 6 months
Arthur the fact that you cant tell the difference between illegal immigrants vs legal is why we have problems about borders to this day...