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Jake Middleton 11 months
Hahahahaha persecutes the people of Venezuela? Why are they leaving your country to try and join his?
M R 11 months
That is the million dollar question, isn 't it? xD might be because of the socialist policies ruining the economic. but wth do i know;) research on your own and come to your own conclusions
Nicolas Uppal 11 months
Y’all are both complete imbeciles
Ryan Bacchus 11 months
The US has socialist policies as well. Publicly funded police, fire departments, social security and military are all socialist policies. Just because a word scares you doesn't mean that it is bad. A critical look at issues with an open mind and a sincere desire for positive change means looking for the best solution not just the one you are ideologically or politically aligned with and sometimes that means socialistic policies are the most appropriate.