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Milios 7 months
Socialism... National Socialism...

Seed 7 months
Trump? Venezuela brought this upon itself.

Keego 7 months
How many Venezuelans has he killed, exactly? When did he personally issue the order to systematically exterminate them? When did he start censoring Venezuelan intellectuals? Oh, never? Oh my God he's JUST LIKE.......the president of a country that prides itself on democracy.

EliteWizard407 7 months
Says modern day Stalin

Paul N 7 months
Ha ha Get in line and join the club. Another idiot that in real life lost his village.

LaVerdadEsMuyCatólica 7 months
Everyone is Hitler ... Hitler did some good things though. Is Maduro referring to that :).

T.N. Morgan 7 months
You aren't entitled to do business with us, fuckwit.

Havoc44 7 months
he probably gets along well with Democrats #BernieSanders

The Cliftons 7 months
Bahahaha. Like anyone cares what he thinks!

The First Man 7 months
Maduro is late to the game with the “Trump is literally Hitler” narrative. I had no idea that Socialism makes the interwebz slow...and out of date. Try harder Maduro.

david dindu 7 months
maduro getting talking points from cnn

Voice of Reason 7 months
Since Venezuelans are fleeing his country to come here can we get the headline "Breaking News: Venezuelans would rather live under leader described as 'literally Hitler' over Maduro" on here?

YoDude 7 months
A Starlin needs a Hitler I guess.

NeverKnows Best 7 months
Lol this is hilarious, what’s next Kim jong-un likens trump to hilter?

Fluffy Puppies 7 months
lol d'okay Venezuela

Sean Russell 7 months
Trump may be a special form of mentally retarded, but he's not Hitler. Hitler was Hitler. Hitler was a vegan, Trump thinks veggies are the thing he has taken off his burger. Hitler was a great orator, Trump has yet to finish a sentence in a coherent fashion other than "lock her up". And I attribute that to it's brevity. Hitler was elected to power by the majority of his country... Trump was given the presidency because his opponent was toxic waste in human form... also the electoral college was used but that's how the last 3 republicans have become president. Hitler was charismatic... Trump not so much. Hitler used the law to force his way into complete power. Trump seems to think laws are for poor people. Personally, Mr. Trump should be honored to be compared to Hitler. Sure Mr. Hitler gassed a few million Jews, Gypsies, Homosexuals and disabled people but Trump really hates poor people. And the vast majority of people in the world are poor.
O'Brien 7 months
You could probably get help with that Trump Derangement Syndrome. A 12 Step program or something.

Nick Record 7 months
For people who don't understand, Venezuela is capitalist. They have capitalists. The majority of the country is privatized. As soon as Chavez took power and implimented socialist "policies" in a capitalist economy, the Bush admin and CIA began embargoing, sanctioning, sabatoging, funding opposition groups, in an attempt to as Abby Martin quotes the CIA's policy "make their economy scream." Capitalists in America bring Venezuelan refugees into their workforce who will talk up and down the failures of socialism and they won't admit their own country is "capitalist."
Sean Russell 7 months
Shhh, truth might upset the oddly large number of Alt-right wackadoos on this app.

Kable tha Kiid 7 months
He’s a socialist who cares what he thinks?

AD C 7 months
in all honesty, I think comparing Trump to President Andrew Jackson would be more accurate. Both were, to some degree, populists who valued loyalty in their administration above all else. Heck I'm surprised the left doesn't lean into it for the 'Trail of Tears' analogy they could do for illegal immigration. Not to mention they get to still insuinate Trump is racist, they just wouldn't be comparing him to the greatest villian in global history.

Deadman 0_0 7 months
Orange man bad.