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Jake Middleton 7 months
Hahahahaha persecutes the people of Venezuela? Why are they leaving your country to try and join his?
M R 7 months
That is the million dollar question, isn 't it? xD might be because of the socialist policies ruining the economic. but wth do i know;) research on your own and come to your own conclusions
Nicolas Uppal 7 months
Y’all are both complete imbeciles
Ryan Bacchus 7 months
The US has socialist policies as well. Publicly funded police, fire departments, social security and military are all socialist policies. Just because a word scares you doesn't mean that it is bad. A critical look at issues with an open mind and a sincere desire for positive change means looking for the best solution not just the one you are ideologically or politically aligned with and sometimes that means socialistic policies are the most appropriate.

Isaac SAKER 7 months
Says the communist dictator
The Autarch 7 months
"It's not my fault as leader of this country or the failings of Socialism/Communism that are the problem! Look over there, that guy is like Hitler!"
edwin naidu 7 months
lol exactly what I was thinking
Efraint628 7 months
Venezuela isn't even a socialist country anymore

Indirect LC 7 months
The old Soviet secret. When socialism fails blame the United States. 👍
Daddy Tito 7 months
Must. Blame. Republicans.

Oliver Biscuit 7 months
Didn't know Trump was a socialist.
Rick Smith 7 months
He does like to dabble in central planning
Ricco 7 months
The Nazis were neither free market capitalists nor socialists. I urge you to watch this analysis. It's extremely detailed.
Ben B. 7 months
You realize the full name for the Nazi party literally says socialist in the middle of it, right? I believe the full name was the National Socialist German Worker's Party, or something to that effect, but they were definitely socialist.

Bennington 7 months
Go to hell Maduro. If you really want to be so much like Chaves why don't you start by getting cancer and dying?
Evolved Ape 7 months
They literally blamed that on the US too.
Tetranome 7 months
Yuuup the CIA gave him cancer... #Confirmed

Mr. Spartacus 7 months
Ok... and maduro is Mao. Mostly because of his idiotic policys contributing to the mass starvation of the population of his country. Also their names both start with “M” so #confirmed I’ll let you guess which comparison is more accurate

Damien4Liberty 7 months
Hitler was a man, Trump is a man. Coincidence ?...
Petri Fide 7 months
I bet they both drank water over their lifetimes. Coincidence???? 😃
Watheverable GRAMPS 7 months
@Damien @PNW they were both male.... It all fits now #OrangeManLiterallyHitler
SimonR 7 months
Every mass murderer has had a nose...

Judi Em 7 months
This is probably the funniest thing I'll read today. He's been watching too much CNN.

David O'Doherty 7 months
😂😂 Yea! Maduro can talk! What a bloody hypocrite. I spose the truth doesn't matter these days

Connor 7 months
Maybe he should look at his own shit-hole country.

Vault Tec USA 7 months
That communist doesnt know anything when he's willing to comer an empanada in front of his starving citizens on live television
Bennington 7 months
it's a real mystery how while the people are starting, these communist leaders actually manage to gain weight

Watheverable GRAMPS 7 months
The guy that recognises Jerusalem as Israel's Capital and who's daughter is a converted jew married to a jew, is CLEARLY a Nazi, come on there's no other explanation!

James P 7 months
So question comes to mind, we're would you prefer to live and work? America or Venezuela

J.Pluvius 7 months
Who hasn’t...
Tetranome 7 months
Anyone who a has a functional understanding of the historical context for starters... 😕
Cary Brown 7 months
He's like Hitler how? So he's been killing Jews? No, seems he's been accused of favouring them. His daughter is married to a Jew. He's a vegetarian? No. He hates gay people? Seems not to be true. He's racist? He has a good record for employing black people in the past and seems to like them. Has he killed anyone? Not that I can find out. Does he strut around in a uniform? No. So where do these irrational accusations come from? Is it some sort of derangement or is it from people who have something to hide or have an axe to grind?
Watheverable GRAMPS 7 months
@Cary CLEARLY the guy that recognizes Jerusalem as Israel's Capital and who's daughter is married to a jew (she also converted) is a nazi, there's no other explanation!

Herbie Goes Bananas 7 months
Oh get in line. Our own lefties compare Trump to Hitler daily.

SimonR 7 months
Boosts wages vs inflation? No. Fuck off. This is Fakenews.
TheWeakMinded 7 months
Nah, totally a good thing. boosting wages at 1/1000th of inflation should quell the masses for sure
DKO 7 months
There's always room for more zeros in your banknotes. You can even continue on the backside!

Korvin Carry 7 months
ok, and maduro is stalin. for gods sake he ATE A SANDWICH DURING A SPEECH. IN FRONT OF HIS STARVING POPULATION

Deadman 0_0 7 months
Orange man bad.

edwin naidu 7 months
rich coming from the guys who has fancy steak dinners while his people starve and his country crumbles.

Voice of Reason 7 months
Since Venezuelans are fleeing his country to come here can we get the headline "Breaking News: Venezuelans would rather live under leader described as 'literally Hitler' over Maduro" on here?