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CNN staffer credits network for anti-Trump ’propaganda’ in Project Veritas sting

CNN staffer credits network for anti-Trump ’propaganda’ in Project Veritas sting

According to Project Veritas, a CNN staffer admitted during a sting operation that his network produced ’propaganda’ to oust former President Trump during the 2020 presidential election. Charlie Chester, a technical Director at CNN, was filmed during a series of fake Tinder dates as he explained how they ’got Trump out’ of office. Chester also explained how they overdramatized Trump health issues.

Tired of the BS
Tired of the BS 4 weeks

It just confirms what we already knew and we also know that the same applies to every network, no matter what “side” they are claiming to be on. The takeaway here is that the most popular liberal talking points.... the ones they jam down everyone’s throat 24/7 as they parrot these lying news outlets, just got publicly blown up. Those of us with our eyes, ears and minds open to the truth, stopped listening to these yayas long ago.

Rocky 4 weeks

Technically what he said was propaganda was the coverage of Matt Gaetz who should absolutely be filing a lawsuit today. He outright admits in a full context clip that the media coverage of congressman Gaetz is specifically because he is "so conservative" that he will derail democrat party agendas from moving through Congress.😱 This is multimillion maybe even half a billion territory lawsuit brewing!

Matthew 4 weeks

In other news, water is wet. If you are walking around believing anything you see on CNN, you are lost.

Cooper 4 weeks

Just to put things in perspective for those who accept Project Veritas as a truthful purveyor of news.... From Project Veritas is a right-wing activist group with a history of publishing deceptively edited undercover videos that paint Democrats and progressives as corrupt. From Project Veritas Video Was a ‘Coordinated Disinformation Campaign,’ Researchers Say From James O’Keefe’s organisation (Project Veritas) specialising in media stings received donations from Trump’s foundation, but was caught red-handed peddling a false story. From the If James O’Keefe respected the right-wing populists who make up the audience of Project Veritas, a nonprofit he founded to produce undercover videos skewering the left, he would tell them the truth about all of the organizations that he targets. Instead, Project Veritas operates in bad faith, an attribute it demonstrated again this week. From Project Veritas, a conservative organization that is technically a charity, is known for using disruptive, often morally compromised tactics in its efforts to humiliate mainstream media outlets.

Young Conservative
Young Conservative 4 weeks

Lol the guy in this video literally admitted they lie and slander Matt Gaetz when they can’t verify accusations because he’s a threat and what happens when I go on Reddit? Top story in politics “Gaetz, women testify to drug use, sex and payment afterwards” from CNN, ofc the comments are like “zomg this guy needs to resign reeee 😤” and not one of them knows CNN admitted lying about it because he’s a threat lmao, or they’re liars. They’re leftists who watch CNN, so probably liars

ShadowDreik 4 weeks

One side shows video proof of their accusations, while the other just has talking heads spewing lies and we are to believe they are equally spreading propaganda.

Michael 4 weeks

Not that it excuses partisanship in news, but they’re just matching the other side. Are we honestly claiming that Fox wasn’t designed for this very purpose? We’ve got a GOP President on tape saying so. There should be no bias in news, but as long as there’s some on one side, it will exist on both.

Test Steam
Test Steam 4 weeks

The thing I've learnt about left Vs right. Lefties accuse righties of being science deniers. In reality a more accurate statement would be lefties are heading believers and righties are science based. Just look at Cooper's anti Veritas post. What bothers me more if CNN got Trump out, proving their dishonesty .. Their next mission is climate change...makes me very nervous about the "facts" of CC. Going to be a minefield for both sides.

Hunter 4 weeks

At this point that’s what’s normal in MSM. You have the republican “news networks” calling everyone they don’t like a socialist or communist, and on the democrat “news network” calling everyone they don’t like a bigot or racist. I’m sure the drama helps their views and ratings.

Arthur 4 weeks

Cnn is a sick terrorist organization and needs to be designated as such!

R3DK@ 4 weeks

Ok, this is stupid. CNN is taking credit for getting Trump out... Lol!! Funny, I sort of thought he was voted out because he sucked at everything.

eddy yetty
eddy yetty 4 weeks

Ya don't say??????? *Sarcasm* Anyone who has been paying attention knew this was happening, this just confirms it. Project Veritas doing more for journalism than most out there . The reactions of denial from the leftists on here is rich. 🍿

the terrible rabbit of death
the terrible rabbit of death 4 weeks

In court prooving intent over news and reporting is verry hard cause it can be dismissed just by saying : it was an opignon. But whit the video of them saying ot was intentional, CNN is finally going to be sanction like in tje case of the covingtion kid ...52 millions if i remember correctly.

Tom 4 weeks

No s*** Sherlock we already knew this you've just provided the evidence

_Joke 4 weeks

Anyone citing Project Veritas is extremely bad at research. They have been discredited numerous times.

michael 4 weeks

Ok then, so we are just going to accept bragging to your date as truth? Might as well accept "we'll get your guy in" as evidence trump colluded.

Barry MC
Barry MC 4 weeks

This is obvious but we shouldn't take what people say on their first tinder date as if it were fact either. If the undercover tinder girl was showing to be left leaning, he'd probably say whatever to try to bag her.

Larry 4 weeks

What crap anything project Veritas is attached to his absolute garbage and pathetic

systematic fighter
systematic fighter 4 weeks

Oh good God more BS from PV. Hey maybe if fake fox and PV got together they could spew more of their lies and conspiracies. More bs from more ppl who are bored sitting at a desk.

Barry 4 weeks

Why don't they go to Fox and ask about pro Trump propaganda?

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