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DKO 1 weeks
Real headline: Fox News published fake news to create a story to fill up a slow news day.
M.Twain 1 weeks
It's not fake news, it's just lazy sloppy reporting, done in a manner to titillate instead of actually reporting on the facts. Sadly the vast majority of reporting on science is done that way, and it can have dangerous consequences, like the news report that claimed that inoculations lead to autism. It was based off a study that was disproved by peer review.
DKO 1 weeks
They didn't contact the scientist, they twisted his words to mean something entirely different. He's not favorable to SETI wasting so much radio telescope time and computational power, compared it to looking for clues of visits.
M.Twain 1 weeks
DKO I think you're giving Fox too much credit, I don't think they are that smart or deep thinking.

HoleHole Max 1 weeks
Hillary is an alien
Ryan MacFarlane 1 weeks
She is a malfunctioning android
Root Beer 1 weeks
Reptilian overlord. Her human suit has been malfunctioning lately.

J.Pluvius 1 weeks
Me too. That doesn’t make it true.

StrangeCalibur 1 weeks
Iv been here for 30 years

Vahid K 1 weeks
Find the truth yourself. Search CE5 and Steven Greer. Go out there and make contact with ETs yourself

Evolved Ape 1 weeks