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Derrick Arrowsmith 7 months
We pay money to Israel, because they are our masters...

Julian Collot 7 months
Good. We shouldn’t be giving money to that apartheid state

Daiki K. 7 months
I'm not surprised. Bipartisanship is usually a bad thing.

Responsibly Free 7 months
drop israel, fund medicare for all

J.Pluvius 7 months
Obama + Netanyahu is reason enough to cancel anything.

Ralph 7 months
can't wait to hear them bitch about anti semetism

Ben B. 7 months
Rand Paul is one of the only politicians left who watches the budget and isn't a warmongerer. His father is right, end the fed!

david dindu 7 months
divert the money to our goddam wall

The Cliftons 7 months

Brandon Barnett 7 months
Israel is a country that fight for itself and doesn't really need help from the U.S. plus getting involved in the Middle East has caused more problems for America. It's time for America to stop giving foreign aid to other countries.

Avi Khait 7 months
Leaving aside the moral scruples of siding with a democratic ally against tyrannies and terrorists, the US military aid to Israel serves our own self-interest: * Israel defends itself by itself. Unlike other allies, they don't ask for US troops * It benefits the US economy, because per agreement, Israel must spend this money on US products * It protects us against persistent and growing threats * We benefit from their intelligence info * Our weapons get battle proof IRL * We benefit from their first class R&D, ultimately saving American lives
Graham Bobbin 7 months
thats how foreign aid works,its another subsidy for corporations.
Jake Middleton 7 months
Hahahaha Avi how did I know I would find you here shilling for Israel, “giving us billions of money is in your best interest goyim”
Avi Khait 7 months
JM: so nothing on the subject, troll.

Reuven Cohen 7 months
General Chuck Wald, former deputy commander, US European Command:
Ralph 7 months
barely scratches the surface. Prager u is a terrible place to get your info
Reuven Cohen 7 months
M.Twain 7 months
RC because Pragur U is a right wing nut job site that plays fast and loose with reality and facts

Julian 7 months
Statesman alert

Avi Khait 7 months
PressTV is Iranian state propaganda channel. It is here because...?
Justin Friedman 7 months
Because this app is about unbiased uncensored news... if you didn't know that why are you here?
Robert 7 months
So is RT, but we have it too more info is never bad. Though, there should be more tags than just "right" and "left"
Avi Khait 7 months
RT is also bad. Two wrongs don't make it right. Both of them add nothing but agitprop and should not be counted as news sources.

themanwithnoname 7 months
Why the fuck do you intend to give them so much money in the first place?
Jake Middleton 7 months
Don’t question it goyim
Justin Friedman 7 months
Reuven... that Prager u propaganda is a hilarious joke! I especially love the part where he simply says we get so much out if Israel then doesn't go into what they give us! I think we go the way of South Africa and end our support of a murderous apartheid state! FYI before the antisemitic accusations, I'm Jewish!

M.Twain 7 months
We give $38 billion in welfare to Isreal, instead of putting that money to better use right here in America. So much for America First.
The Autarch 7 months
"The bill...was negotiated between former President Barack Obama and Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu back in 2016." I know you have a hate boner for Trump and need to criticise everything you feel he and Republicans are doing wrong, but maybe try reading the whole summary before passing judgement.
M.Twain 7 months
Guess what I think the Obama admin was wrong, and the Republicans could have taken this out of the budget. Much if not all of the money spent in the Mideast is to support big oil and is a huge waste of taxpayers money. I don't think I mentioned Trump.
Bunny Bixbie 7 months
I can only imagine what Mr Twain would be penning today🧐

Petri Fide 7 months
Foriegn aid to Israel is a bargain and is in the best interest of the US in just military purposes. That being said, any and all foriegn aid should have time limits for reviewing cost vs return of investment.
Julian 7 months
Send your own money to Israel if you love them so much
Scott Hill 7 months
Please explain further how propping up Israel's military helps us at all? Assume the worst; Israel is attacked and it defends itself with the weapons it ready has. They win or they lose. ( They will win, initially ) If they lose, there's another exodus or they use nukes. If they have the balls to use nukes, they don't need our military support. If there's an exodus, they don't need our military support. Am I missing something here?

Kobus 7 months
Rand Paul - probably the most 'people-politician' in USA; he is a one-man swamp-draining machine.
J.Pluvius 7 months
Actually, I think is the other way around. He’s changing his tune because justice is coming and optics matter for a politician.
Justin Kidd 7 months
Ron Paul is the real deal. Rand is only a shadow of his father.

CharlieMike 7 months
No, $150B is the most.

Catalyst 7 months
Oh how the swamp is being drained... “so much draining, it’s the best, huge!”
Jake Middleton 7 months
It was Obama’s deal lol