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RandomusCuntikus 8 months
At Vault Tech we value your privacy.

Omnom 8 months
Keep up the amazing work Bethesda. Your strong work ethics and sky-high standards have really been shining lately.

Vault Tec USA 8 months
Vault Tec is not responsible for any private information being released. Please speak with your represented Overseer for more information. Thank You
Chan Gould 8 months
love it!
ConcealCarryProtect 8 months
Did you change your username just for this comment?
Vault Tec USA 8 months
Its been like this for a while lol, I've just gotten lucky with all the media surrounding Bethesda

Person Unknown 8 months
How to meltdown a company with 1 bad game
SN 1054 8 months
It is more of a cash grab than a game. It is full of copy and paste from Fallout 4 and Skyrim. They even copied the bugs that have been in the games for years. No one complained about them in the older games because the modding community fixed them. They were just absolutely lazy and rushed to get a live service game out for quick monetization scheme.

SimonR 8 months
Every idiot who bought that game probably deserves it tbh.
filthynice 88 8 months
that's so not called for...i mean, no one deserves this... these fans were let down then ignored, then duped out of a collectable keep sake THEN when Bethesda actually attepts to rectify, crap coding exposes personal info...this is absolutely heartbreaking
SimonR 8 months
Ok Mr 88.
Six Mag 8 months
This game always seemed like a cash grab. Sorry some didn't see it, but when a known franchise begins emulating titles like Fortnite, you know something is wrong.

Alasdair Roberts 8 months
I think this is called salting the wound...

Korvin Carry 8 months
note that it was only the people who bought the power armor edition
Nocte Knight 8 months
note that it was the people that applied for a replacement bag.
Ralph 8 months

Havoc44 8 months
man Fallout 76 is that gift that keeps on giving everyday I'd get happyer not buying the game

NeverKnows Best 8 months
Wow nothing but bad things about this game everywhere u look

Watheverable GRAMPS 8 months
Glad I bought Red Dead 2, GoW and Diablo 3 eternal collection instead!
VaasDC 8 months
eternal. wasnt huge on diablo before but its pushing me to enjoy it. really liking necro.
Watheverable GRAMPS 8 months
@VaasDC It's a bliss to play as the Necro, even better than in 2 but beware the game becomes a cakewalk so play it in the highest difficulty possible (at least after getting the command skeletons power).
Adam Marceau 8 months
I want rdr2 to come out on pc

M.Twain 8 months
They tried to expand their platform but did so without really understanding their market. Players of Bethesdas games are not into online multiplayer platforms. The majority of players such as myself are more into the PC platform which allows users to create and use mods in order to personalize the game. The modding community is huge and Bethesda has yet to figure out a way to capitalize on it.
W 8 months
The way to capitalize on modders is to hire them and finance their projects. Fallout: Cascadia, Fallout: Miami, and Skywind would make Bethesda piles of cash if they would invest in their development.
M.Twain 8 months
W there is the rub a lot of folks like myself don't pay for mods or DLC'S, if I do pay for a DLC I wait till it goes on sale on Steam.
SN 1054 8 months
W, they tried that once before. It was a sh*t show.

Havoc44 8 months
I genuinely don't understand how you could possibly Doxx your customers by accident😂😂😂 the level of incompetence this takes is breathtaking

Adam Marceau 8 months
cant say it is the worst game I ever got but it is nothing special. it is basically just another fallout game that you can play with other people but there is no incentive to so what's the point of it being a online game. every person who knows Bethesda knew bugs would be in it they are kind of known for having them. this is really bad however exposing consumers data is really bad on top of the fact the game is rather lack luster.

DKO 8 months
It's the typical outcome of "why pay competent programmers when we can hire interns and fresh-out-of-college programmers for a fraction of the salary." You pay competent people to work for you precisely so your business doesn't crash and burn. The EU must be salivating to take their scalp, for the GDPR violation. All the money they saved reusing code from previous games, and not building a proper issues tracker, will go to the lawyers now.

Havoc44 8 months
Why don't we just build a wall of money? that way they don't have to come in here for benefits, they can just pick them up at the border and then leave

Harry Tindley 8 months
I was one of the people who got the power armour edition. And I wasn’t to pissed about the bag but when they leaked that data I. Felt like getting my pitchfork or something along those lines.

Spartacus 8 months
What a shit show

Vashman 8 months
"Accidentally" No, they just hate their customers.