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Rocky LeBlanc 7 months
This is hilarious. Trade deficit literally means nothing. In trade there is no loser. We give them money and they give us the products we want at the best price the market has available. The trade deficit rising only shows strong economy and higher consumer confidence's impact on imports.
Scott Hill 7 months
Wow. How incredibly ignorant. China destroys their ecosystems and produces cheap, toxic crap which is marketed by the likes of Walmart so they can cut costs while paying so little for labor that their workers need taxpayer support. American labor costs are thereby undercut, and American money goes to the Communists. But you're ok with that.
Rocky LeBlanc 7 months
You have it wrong to begin with. Labor is actually not the driving force behind the manufacturing move. The driving force is trade deals/tariffs and regulations. We tend to like to regulate businesses right out of our country while ignoring severely biased trade deals against the US. This is nothing but a byproduct of regulation and free market. To fix the problem all that is needed is to deregulate and force fair and equal trade deals worldwide.
Ralph 7 months
@scott how's it feel to know your on the losing side. starting of your comments with an insult undermines your weak and unrelated point. that isn't to say China isn't the most dispicable unconcientious hellhole that it is, but your point is more than a little off topic.

M.Twain 7 months
RL you might want to tell Trump that, he started a trade war over the trade deficit.
Rocky LeBlanc 7 months
Yeah he's never had a grasp on what trade deficit means. He always thought it was a loss for the one not doing the exporting. Luckily his staff understands the utility of a tariff as a weapon to remove unfair trade deals and create a more open free market.
M.Twain 7 months
Yea RL that's not happening is it.

Evolved Ape 7 months
I thought this was because everyone was trying to get their goods in before more tariffs?

david dindu 7 months
looks like we need to tariff more

Nicolas Uppal 7 months
I fucking love Trunp