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Connor 5 months
My country is an embarrassment.

John Sunlight 5 months
So, in other words, the Australian Parliament doesn't understand math.

SimonR 5 months
Governments are stupid

DKO 5 months
Might as well outlaw keys. Crimes could be happening behind closed doors, we can't have locks stay in the way of the law!

Avi Khait 5 months
You cannot outlaw math. I mean, you can, but...

Zac Gadd 5 months
this only stops mainstream encryption apps. so many available

J Bunnell 5 months
I think this is no good. big brother watching has gotten out of control. Google and Facebook make money off of average citizens by stalking everything they do online and logging it. we right now face an uncertain future as global warming threatens to end our existence in the next decade without immediate drastic change and we seem to be getting nowhere with government on that front. in the US things have gotten so dire that Trump has been elected as a result of the frustrations of the oligarchs running our so called "democracy". if we citizens can't rely on democracy to get rid of the corporate control of our elected officials that roadblock needed change the answer is not to give those in power (that we can't trust) stronger tools to invade our privacy and control every aspect of our lives. things have gotten Orwellian enough. we the people need to take back control, not give more of it up. if "they" choose to implement these type of laws then the people should stop using these tech products. we need encryption now more than ever. look at what julian Assange and Edward Snowden have shown us about the state of surveillance. your personal thoughts and conversations are all we seem to have left and now those running the world want that too. we need more privacy and freedom to share ideas and come together as one humanity to turn the tide on these globalists, oligarchs, corporatists etc. otherwise we don't have a future.
blob dankness 5 months
speaking the truth hopefully you atent found msyterisly dead

Scott Hill 5 months
Australian lawmakers; just as stupid as American lawmakers.

Danny 5 months
If this is the answer then why not bug everyone's home as well? No wonder my grandfather questioned why he went to war.

Darth Quaint 5 months
Might as well post a neon sign reading, "attn Dark Web. Back door this way."

Oliver Biscuit 5 months
If I were the CEO of Google, I'd publicly state that we'll no longer do business in Australia and no longer sell or support products in Australia.
James Chieftain 5 months
I agree with you on that problem is Google wants money so does Apple they're not going to stop they're going to go to the people that are going to pay him somebody in here was talking about oligarchs and this that and the other running the world it's the tech Giants that actually run the world.
Oliver Biscuit 5 months
Fair enough. They have no integrity.
Randy Souse-Git 5 months
Who thought tech companies had any integrity?

Terry carling 5 months
Sounds good to me
hhpsan 5 months
Yes, because if you got nothing to hide, you got nothing to fear - right? That's exactly why we are losing our privacy everywhere - soon we don't have any privacy at all. But that's allright - because we got nothing to hide...
Terry carling 5 months
Good thing I have nothing to hide 😉
Mister Brown 5 months
or so you think.

Slow_Epiphany 5 months
Well A.S.S. Access happened sooner than expected.

Jack W 5 months
Planet-wide business is now conducted digitally (and as far as possible securely.) Australia isn't protecting itself, it's excluding itself. Who is going to conduct business with Australian businesses who can't guarantee privacy? This nonsense is what happens when computer security is governed by computer-illiterate politicians advised by vested interests with their own agendas.