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Experiment Eks 8 months
What truly irks me most regarding this topic is the media monicker bestowed on these criminals, calling them "dreamers". It's as if they are the only ones who dream of making it big, wanting to attain peace, and having aspirations. Stop calling them "dreamers" and call them by the right term which is a criminal.

Rick Smith 8 months
Please please please shut that inept, inefficient piece of shit government down. You would be doing all of us a favor.

Voice of Reason 8 months
I guess there you have it: Pelosi hates the idea of blocking illegal crossings into the country more than she cares about the future of the Dreamers she claims to care so much about. Seems pretty inconsistent to me.

ConcealCarryProtect 8 months
Well we are getting our wall. Don't expect to ever get your dreamers shit.

Evolved Ape 8 months
They’re playing chicken. Settle down.

The Masta 8 months
So she won't agree to help legal emigrants and to keep illegal out at the same time. That's just showing how derailed Democrats are. It's like they don't won't to fix the problem because they are getting something from this mess. Political cynicism on its finest

theLifeOf 8 months
So much for Pelosi teaching across the isle

Watheverable GRAMPS 8 months
"DACA deal or no deal" - Democrats "alright let's have a deal on DACA and we build a wall as well" - Republicans "NO DEAL!" - Democrats
Jan 8 months
There's so much bipartisan support for DACA among voters that Republicans should be behind it too. Also, why hasn't the administration spent the money it already has for the wall?
Beisht Kione 8 months
Jan, this was a comprimise and a solution. The dems are unwilling to compromise. They are the problem.
Jan 8 months
If something isn't getting done, it's the Republicans at fault. They control both houses and have no problem with forcing whatever they want through them. Don't pretend the GOP is negotiating in good faith.

T3hGladiator 8 months
It's because Dems don't care about illegals, they just keep using it as an issue for votes.
J.Pluvius 8 months
Correction, they care too much... about themselves... tudum tsssssss...
Jan 8 months
No, that's the Republicans using them for votes. They controlled the government for 2 years now, where is their solution?
SimonR 8 months
RINOs didn't pass wall spending. This is well known. Now democrats will have to or they'll shut the government down and it'll be their fault the barbarians attacking the border get in.

Sullivas 8 months
Shut! It! Down!

david dindu 8 months
shut it downnnn

Adam Marceau 8 months
this looks like a government shutdown in the making
SimonR 8 months
No shit
Iwas Sold 8 months
The Democrats dont have the balls to start a shut down and go against the GOP. Democrats only have balls when it comes to shutting down the left wing of their party and their constituents.
G-Rex 8 months
@Iwas Sold very true. I suspect it's because corporate Dems see progressives as possible replacements while the GOP and neoliberal Dems can work together to screw over Americans. Both Chuck and Nancy gotta go