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Got Truth 5 months
Well, obviously this about more that gas tax as MSM wants us to accept. It looks like a push back against globalism and all the negative aspects that come with it.
David Brock 5 months
How did the corporate news come up with gas tax? I thought the whole thing was about the UN migration pact.
Paul N 5 months
$8.00 a litre for gas ⛽️. France keeps trying to implement insane taxes and fail miserably over and over. Does anyone remember the 85% wealth tax? It wasn’t long ago.
David Brock 5 months
Actually it's just an English media problem. The local French media discusses the actual issue.

Idiot Prole 5 months
When will the EU step in and save them all? By which I mean "when will Germany invade (again) to 'restore order'?"
Daddy Tito 5 months
They’ll be coming through Belgium again in no time.

Catalyst 5 months
Depending on how it goes, this may be the point of no return.

NPC #9273635 5 months
if only Paris had a city bike program this never woulda happened

Iwas Sold 5 months
Gas tax just hurts consumers. I love how the French will shut down everything when they are pissed. in the US if we protest everyone gets all pissy, "he kneeled during a football game, how disrespectful. "
Connor Scott 5 months
it's about the time and place. There is also a difference between protesting gas tax and protesting the national anthem.
Iwas Sold 5 months
no one was protesting the national anthem. they were protesting black people getting shot by cops. as veteran I approve of people using the 1st amendment.
MEIJIN44 5 months
I appreciate you are a soldier. However you are incorrect. He was protesting the flag. If he wasn't he wouldn't have implied that. He could have done so in many ways. He chose to do so in a way that questions the integrity of this country and implying falsehoods. No black men aren't being gun down for the hell of it. As a black man I can admit all but a few of the black men who were shot were criminals. People made it about race when it was about culture. I and any black man from the hood can tell you that the police are seen in a negative light. Reporting crimes are discouraged and harboring criminals is encouraged. This makes our neighborhoods more crime dense. Forcing police to patrol more. Then people complain about there being too much heat. BLM don't care about black lives and are simply out to get public/social attention and power. I agree that many cops don't get the punishment they deserve. However these people have to deal with the worse humanity has to offer everyday. People call the cops when a dispute can't be handled or when someone needs help. They are in a position if authority and no one is ever happy to see them. My uncle who is a veteran said he'd never become a cop because as a soldier you at least know that you are in a shit situation. A cop has to walk into those situations both petty and extreme and uphold the law. When both sides are treating the mediator as the enemy I wonder why people become cops at all. Tell me former soldier are you better than a cop just because you served this country from abroad instead of locally. Your answer is all I need to know to see the type of man you are.

Experiment Eks 5 months
I'm just waiting for the French to MarieAntoinette good old Macroni.
Lavose 5 months
is he not an aristocrat? Let them eat cake
Experiment Eks 5 months
With Paris' current demographics, I believe that the updated saying is, "Let them eat kebab!"
Lavose 5 months
I'll see your "kebab" and raise you "halal"

david dindu 5 months
send in the eu army and get "rid" of them

Al3xK 5 months
I wonder what is it now.
ConcealCarryProtect 5 months
The same thing it has been. Have you missed the Yellow Vest protests? Test people are angry at the corrupt Government.

Jim Regan 5 months
They want Trump!

ReWired Ramen 5 months
"Aux Champs-Elysées, aux Champs-Elysées Au soleil, sous la pluie, à midi ou à minuit Il y a tout ce que vous voulez aux Champs-Elysées"

Lord Baktor 5 months
The only news I am waiting for is "Macron resigns" and I'm not holding my breath.

Small town conspiracy 1776 5 months
Don’t let the mainstream media fool you these protests are not because of oil prices but people awakening to the tyranny that is the NWO. I watched a video we’re police refused to participate in stopping the protesters that were peacefully protesting the elites and the police removed their helmets and backed down. The awakening is happening it’s time to loose the left and right paradigm behind and realize the real enemies of the people are the elite banking cartels and the jesuits!!!
SirHall Stein 5 months
Uhhhhhhh right...