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Trump Train 1 weeks
Fucking sexist Trump hiring a woman.
Justin Kidd 1 weeks
Yeah again. Probably just to grab her pussy. Such toxic patriarchy.
Simon Ranson 1 weeks
I bet he only pays her 73c!
Trump Train 1 weeks
Then fires her for having a baby

Andre Gerard 1 weeks
She has some big shoes to step into!
Individual 1 Jez 1 weeks
I hope she deodorizes them first. Will Trumpy have time to replace everyone in the White House with B-list celebrities? All she has to do is read neo-con posturing off a teleprompter so she has the experience. 😁
Free Speech 1 weeks
I've noticed trolls don't like neo-cons. Why?
Individual 1 Jez 1 weeks
Freeze peach, I am pretty sure she loves neo-cons. They have paid her well.😜

david toh 1 weeks
hes racist and transphobic for not picking a black transgendered person
Alex Kasal 1 weeks
and that person should be a refugee
Lowlife Gaming Crew 1 weeks
He tried but Michelle said no

PNW_Patriot 1 weeks
Nauert has proven herself very capable at the State Department and I expect that she will do a great job as the UN Ambassador.

riheg 1 weeks
Shes used to lying and doesn’t seem to have any experience in diplomacy so typical Trump
Alex Kasal 1 weeks
And democrats do? Obama instead of ending the war in afganistan he ordered more drone strikes, even more than bush. And on top of that many casualties of those strikes were civilian.
Sasha H 1 weeks
Lying makes up 90% of diplomacy
Alex Kasal 1 weeks
@Sasha Yeah, thats true for both parties.

sulphide g 1 weeks
Sam S 1 weeks
That’s why he hired her.
ConcealCarryProtect 1 weeks
"Edited" Ha, wonder what it said before.

God, what a horrible job that must be. Only prerequisite should be that you can sell salt to a slug and lie through your teeth. The best thing to do would be withdraw from the U.N. The only thing the U.N. provides us a fast track to globalism and the destruction of sovereignty!!!

Ridwan H 1 weeks
I really do wonder why he chose her......
riheg 1 weeks
Shes hot and loyal so thats good enough I suppose
Individual 1 Jez 1 weeks
She is 32C. The last one was only 32B.
Alex Kasal 1 weeks
To grab her by the pus....

Sam S 1 weeks
Why not? He already has douche bag Doocy and friends as policy advisors on just about everything.