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Benjie Foster 7 months
we got to stop BIG BUSINESS getting control of the CANNABIS business, allow us to grow CANNABIS in our back GARDENS and BALCONIES.
Fluffy Puppies 7 months
that would be awsome but that's very improbable seeing as the only way it will get leagalized is if the government is taxing it and making money off of it
Tetranome 7 months
I agree it should happen... Yet I also agree it never will... 😞
ConcealCarryProtect 7 months
Well you legalized it, and it's a cash crop. What did you expect would happen?? Haha. Potheads are crazy man.

CC_bd92 7 months
We all know they're going to lace addictive chemicals in the marijuana
Catalyst 7 months
It’s already being done, all the old smokers say that weed is not the same. Not as many psychosis problems and such before, it was less strong.

Oliver Biscuit 7 months
This is when and how marijuana becomes carcinogenic. I hope governments step in to make it illegal to spray pesticides and herbicides on the weed.
ConcealCarryProtect 7 months
Oh no. They are putting poison in the drugs. -nobody ever

Janitor Jez BingBangBong 7 months
Imperial Brands took an undisclosed stake in closely held Oxford Cannabinoid. If I took an undisclosed stake in a closely held bag of weed I would be fined and possibly locked up. 🤔
Tetranome 7 months
LOL I knew eventually we would agree on something... 😁✊ I am going to look up more info on the Imperial brand story.
Tetranome 7 months You did not mention Snoop Dogg was involved, kinda burried the lead on that one... 😂👏
Janitor Jez BingBangBong 7 months
I just heard about it when reading the nypost article above 😁 Thanks for the link. I hadn't looked into it.

Janitor Jez BingBangBong 7 months
Sometimes money in politics could be used for good. Is this the end of illegal weed?
Vashman 7 months
I doubt it. I bet they will lobby to put a ton of regulations on homegrown so more people have to buy from them.

a b 7 months
can't beat em, join em!
Vashman 7 months
Adapt to the market and your business will survive and thrive.
Catalyst 7 months
More like can’t beat them, rig the game, buy everything, trample the small guys, ruin the product.

Sincerely Cindy 7 months
I don't like corporations messing with my cannabis. Especially a company responsible for so many deaths.

Justin Kidd 7 months
Just think what their legal team and lobbyists can do for the cause. There could be something good here.

Der Rikmeister 7 months
They should remove all pretenses and start a new branch called Big Cannabis. I'd love to see all the lefties and "church ladies" fight their own over it.

Steven Cline 7 months

FraktalFace 7 months
of course leftist cuck idiots think this is a good thing.

DKO 7 months
I wonder if the Marlboro execs will receive the same treatment as the small legal weed investors, and be classified as international drug traffickers by the US government...