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Jason Culligan 7 months
Every time I read a story like this I'm reminded of the studies which show that just 8% of the population are sensitive snowflakes that can't separate jokes from genuine hate yet they are given the time of day to have someone like this de-platformed. What we need now is not a partisan group on one side of the fence or the other. We need media outlets that will take this BS head on and ask the hard questions like 'does the average person even give a rat's arse about 10 year old edgy jokes?' Only then will the snowflakes lose their influence.
Lord Baktor 7 months
The problem is that said 8% is mostly comprised of middle class, narcissistic, guilt ridden white people who work in media and believe this stuff is relevant.
Alecryan Taylor 7 months
We need a reform of the entire system. Too many people are getting in trouble for something stupid that he or she said back in 09-11. (It seems to be in between those years) Overall, something needs to be done. Something; before something exponentially terrible happens.
Just 8%?!? It truly seems to be much greater than that. Maybe 8% right now, but academia, media, and Hollywood are on a mission to make it 100%

Mats Blom 7 months
Kevin Hart has answered for the old tweets several times. His answer why he doesn't apologize again and again and again is loud and clear and right.