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FeverTree 7 months
Too much lame drama coming from not very bright people getting filthy rich from making up drama and selling it to us... Who needs that sh?! 🧐

Paul N 7 months
Who cares really. The show turned into a circle jerk for their closed club. It’s pomp and meaningless congratulations to each other. Real talent is never recognized.

Luficer Morningstar 7 months
some poor homo had his feelings hurt boo hoo

Pacific Pleb 7 months
lol take him out and let Eddie Murphy host the Oscars in his old Delirious outfit.

CharlieMike 7 months
New Puritans.

CharlieMike 7 months
New Puritans.

david dindu 7 months
should've used the black card

AntiDogma 7 months
Not even much of a K. H fan but he clearly is not a homophobe. These people are insane.

Roamer MGTOW 7 months
anyone who wants to work in Hollywood now is out of their minds or just looking for a quick buck.

T Man 7 months
Just get Brad Williams. It’s be the first time a dwarf will have hosted the Oscars and the dude is arguably more offensive than Kevin. Top shelf, bitch!

Lashed 7 months
first they come for the right. now they come for the left. you set up these rules, regardless of who you are everyone has to now live by them. also to quite Ricky Gervais, the only time I'm offended by a commedian is when they apologise for a joke.

Andrew Colomy 7 months
I'm surprised anyone still watches the Oscars. Just a bunch of rich people giving each other rewards for a bunch of overrated movies and sniffing each other's farts.

SN 1054 7 months
He apologized back in 2015. He said that wasn't going to apologize again. I bet some Hollywood elite told him to apologize again or he would be blacklisted from future work. Then comes the second apology. This Political Correctness religion never forgives nor forgets your past sins. Everything is going to be destroyed by this religion. It just gives so much power to a small percentage of the population. They are drunk on the power and are willing to bring civilization down completely to fuel the intoxication. Until most people and businesses stop allowing people to be stigmatized when this group flings the bigot labels around, the civilization teardown will continue.
VaasDC 7 months
PR itd obvious.

The Inquisitor 7 months
if i had enough money, id give Kevin H a job worth his time
mnrobj 7 months
I'm sure he gets all the H-jobs he can handle already.

Oliver Biscuit 7 months
Just get that Honda robot to host it.
Kobus 7 months
Great comment, ha-ha-ha. Next-up news from PC's: "One of the 10000 people that built the Honda robot, tweeted his friend back in 1960 'stop acting so gay - stop working and let's go have a beer'. Honda robot has to be reprogrammed - it must learn to apologise.
Rome’s Ebonpyre 7 months
ASIMO!!! ( but it’s text to speech kinda sucks)
Oliver Biscuit 7 months
Hahaha. If they find that too offensive, they could get Alexa to do it and have a Roomba carry around the trophies to the people.

Kym Charles 7 months
I would be for Ali Wong hosting. She ticks all the boxes. Minority, woman and hilarious.
redhandsbluefaces 7 months
Who cares?
Planned Obsoylescence 7 months
Nice intersectional combo you got there!

Mark Oulaghan 7 months
his mistake was to apologise you never do that you say fuck you and double down harder

david dindu 7 months
the left told him to shit on trump and he complied. now the left digs up old posts to shit on him. cycle of life

Justin Kidd 7 months
Lol good, those Oscar's faggots don't deserve him. Just use Kimmel again and see those numbers drop once again.

Omnom 7 months
Why are leftist lunatics hellbent on destroying things?