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Watheverable GRAMPS 7 months
The Oscars are gay anyway.
Darth Quaint 7 months
gramps, your senile, give no shits, one liners on shit like this are win.

Jason Culligan 7 months
Every time I read a story like this I'm reminded of the studies which show that just 8% of the population are sensitive snowflakes that can't separate jokes from genuine hate yet they are given the time of day to have someone like this de-platformed. What we need now is not a partisan group on one side of the fence or the other. We need media outlets that will take this BS head on and ask the hard questions like 'does the average person even give a rat's arse about 10 year old edgy jokes?' Only then will the snowflakes lose their influence.
Lord Baktor 7 months
The problem is that said 8% is mostly comprised of middle class, narcissistic, guilt ridden white people who work in media and believe this stuff is relevant.
Alecryan Taylor 7 months
We need a reform of the entire system. Too many people are getting in trouble for something stupid that he or she said back in 09-11. (It seems to be in between those years) Overall, something needs to be done. Something; before something exponentially terrible happens.
Just 8%?!? It truly seems to be much greater than that. Maybe 8% right now, but academia, media, and Hollywood are on a mission to make it 100%

Zersetzor 7 months
Who cares? Who cares about the Oscars to begin with? Who cares about the host? Who cares about some tweet of his? Didn't the Oscar's ratings reach an all-time low last time? Maybe this will be even lower. Here's hoping.
smeg head 7 months
It's all rigged anyway, it all depends on the time you release it, the money you give in and the amount you give.. that's why black people never win one, believe what you want, they don't suck up for a trophy.. the Oscar should just be left to vanish into oblivion
Eric 7 months
They are going to hit an all time low the same year Black Panther wins Best Picture and everyone will somehow blame white people and claim racism.

Wino-wisdom 7 months
Who actually give a fuck about the Oscars anymore... Just a bunch of narcissistic rich wankers patting themselves on the back while virtue signaling to the masses so they stay relevant

Mark Oulaghan 7 months
his mistake was to apologise you never do that you say fuck you and double down harder

DKO 7 months
Quick, see if Jimmy Kimmel can come and host the Oscars again, I heard his "crying in front of the cameras" act is a killer!
Joel Barthel 7 months
technically he's disqualified too for letting strange women touch his crotch on TV
SharkCat 7 months
LOL! The estrogen hour.
Daddy Tito 7 months
Or he can put on balckface again

Christopher Harbutt 7 months
“Being a faggot ain’t even about been gay anymore. You can suck dicks, I don’t care. That doesn’t make you a faggot. But when a ambulance drives past with its sirens on and a guy covers his ears, that’s a faggot.” -Joey Diaz
Bennington 7 months
I've called several people faggots over the time but never because of their sexual orientation
Christopher Harbutt 7 months
Of course you have... you faggot.
Oliver Biscuit 7 months
Yeah I thought the meaning of that changed to being someone that bring attention to themselves by being annoying... Like a group of bikers revving their engines at a red light.

Mats Blom 7 months
Kevin Hart has answered for the old tweets several times. His answer why he doesn't apologize again and again and again is loud and clear and right.

Yeshua 7 months
A tweet from 2011? America, just nuke yourself.
Big Bang Boi 7 months
I wish
Darth Quaint 7 months
nah thanks. I'll just watch these snowflakes melt each other and laugh, then get back to reality when they finish imploding. shame western Europe can't do the same until the EU shakes apart. they actually have to bother fighting this shit.

SN 1054 7 months
He apologized back in 2015. He said that wasn't going to apologize again. I bet some Hollywood elite told him to apologize again or he would be blacklisted from future work. Then comes the second apology. This Political Correctness religion never forgives nor forgets your past sins. Everything is going to be destroyed by this religion. It just gives so much power to a small percentage of the population. They are drunk on the power and are willing to bring civilization down completely to fuel the intoxication. Until most people and businesses stop allowing people to be stigmatized when this group flings the bigot labels around, the civilization teardown will continue.
VaasDC 7 months
PR itd obvious.

Cybersinke 7 months
If I could prevent my son becoming gay, I would, just as I would try to prevent him becoming MMA fighter or spend his life in evangelist mission in Papua New Guinea. Doesn’t mean I hate or have phobia of people who do that. Nothing to apologize over.

P S 7 months
Jimmy Kimmel wore blackface and got away with it, maybe he can host as Kevin Hart.

Oliver Biscuit 7 months
Just get that Honda robot to host it.
Kobus 7 months
Great comment, ha-ha-ha. Next-up news from PC's: "One of the 10000 people that built the Honda robot, tweeted his friend back in 1960 'stop acting so gay - stop working and let's go have a beer'. Honda robot has to be reprogrammed - it must learn to apologise.
Rome’s Ebonpyre 7 months
ASIMO!!! ( but it’s text to speech kinda sucks)
Oliver Biscuit 7 months
Hahaha. If they find that too offensive, they could get Alexa to do it and have a Roomba carry around the trophies to the people.

sulphide g 7 months
stop apologizing

AshLiamBerg 7 months
See the problem with the new leftist orthodoxy is there is no way you can repent for your sins against the twitter inquisitors. They'll find tweets on you from years ago and condemn you to hell.

Andrew Colomy 7 months
We live in a time where comedians cant make jokes anymore. You can't say anything even remotely offensive. Comedy is dead.
Darth Quaint 7 months
oh, it's not dead. just because too many are conceding don't make that mistake. Look up Bill Burr who truly gives no shit for the snowflake parade.
CCHAP88 7 months
Or Isaac Butterfield for Australians

Kym Charles 7 months
I would be for Ali Wong hosting. She ticks all the boxes. Minority, woman and hilarious.
redhandsbluefaces 7 months
Who cares?
Planned Obsoylescence 7 months
Nice intersectional combo you got there!

Lashed 7 months
first they come for the right. now they come for the left. you set up these rules, regardless of who you are everyone has to now live by them. also to quite Ricky Gervais, the only time I'm offended by a commedian is when they apologise for a joke.

Paul M 7 months
NEVER apologise. They won't stop until you're ruined.

Experiment Eks 7 months
First, nobody cares about the Oscars. They should invite all those illegals to their lavish parties if they want to virtue signal so much. Cunts won't even allow you to get near them. Second, it's an old tweet which nobody outside of Hollyweird gives a crap about. They can all suck each other and spare us their bs.