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OLewis 6 months
So, since they don't have enough money to be considered lobbyists they will be arrested and have to pay money?
Beisht Kione 6 months
That is not how lobbyists act. Protesting with communist fists and disruption isnt really the lobbyist style. Also, why were there hundreds of middle and high school students at the capital protesting in the middle of the day, in the middle of a school week?
Proper Root 6 months
oh watch that thinking, it's totally normal and not suspicious at all, I sure am tired aren't you tired
M.Twain 6 months
No BK lobbyist come with fistfuls of money not power fists

Heather Melothrien 6 months
This was supposed to be about the Green New Deal, but I didn’t see anything about that so I looked it up, I’m willing to give anything a chance if it helps our country I don’t really care who’s plan it is. There’s some stuff that goes too far to the left in there but some good ideas that need to be listened to as well
Planet Kaos 6 months
The corporate media won't mention The Green New Deal often. They are not allowed to actually INFORM the citizens if it's beneficial for the many and not the few (rich). Why are millionaires reading the news to a country where most people are poor?
M.Twain 6 months
PK, they get too much ad revenue from Big Oil, regardless of their supposed bias they do not bite the hand that feeds them. An old marketing adage, You put your money and efforts into Sun Raise Products and not Sunset Products. Renewable and green is the Sunrise, fossil fuels are Sunset.
Jean-Marc Michaud 6 months
Scrap the Economic Bill of Rights and I’d be ok with trying some of these things.