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Minnesota cop charged with manslaughter

Minnesota cop charged with manslaughter

A Minnesota officer, who shot a suspect after accidentally grabbing her gun instead of her taser, has been charged with manslaughter.

Rocky 4 weeks

This is a sad case, but an involuntary manslaughter charge is the correct move here. You need to be responsible for your actions and making a mistake that costs someone their life needs a punishment. They definitely shouldn't try for murder though and if they do this case loses my support immediately. The punishment for resisting arrest is not the death penalty, but the punishment for actions that unintentionally kill someone is not murder charges either.

John W
John W 4 weeks

They should also evaluate, if her upper body strength had anything to do with him escaping. If so woke politics played into this.

Angé d'Saint-Cloud
Angé d'Saint-Cloud 4 weeks

And she should be. She killed someone and it doesnt matter if it was an accident or not. The police are supposed to be well trained or atleast well enough to know the difference between their taser and their service weapon.

Cain! 4 weeks

Did he not flee arrest? Not trying to be sarcastic, just genuinely curious and if so is that typical not grounds for force?

g. 4 weeks

Unlike a lot of the police shootings I believe this was a very very sad mistake

mister 4 weeks

she should be hailed a hero for getting another dangerous thug off the street...

Seekster 4 weeks

As she should be.

Jonny 4 weeks

EVERY civilian death at the hands of the state should be thoroughly and publicly investigated. That said, looking at this case I see absolutely no intent or malice. Assuming I'm correct in this assessment, this raises multiple questions: 1. Had she intended to shoot, not taser, would it have been reasonable force? If yes, dwante died by his own actions by resisting arrest. 2. How did she come to grab the unintended tool? Is there any blame to put on the state for poor training or poor toolbelt design? If yes, the state should pay compensation to the victim's family, and redesign their training procedures / tool designs. If shooting was unreasonable force, and there was no fault by the state, then she killed him in human error. In this case she should be found guilty of manslaughter and prohibited from owning a firearm. However due to her purely good-intentioned service to the community, any prison time should be commuted imo.

James 4 weeks

Great example of fake media. The NY Post opens with the headline that the officer is TO BE charged and then, in the body of the article, states the officer COULD BE charged. Irresponsible "reporting".

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